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The Quest Narrative Don Quixote and The Wasteland

The quest narrative: How it functions in Don Quixote and The Wasteland A quest is a journey in the course of which one advances spiritually and mentally, as well as physically travelling miles. The quester leaves the familiar for the unknown. The nature of the goal may not be clear at first and may only become fully apparent at the end of the quest (Irwin 2011). In Don Quixote, a middle-aged man, driven half-mad by reading tales of medieval knights, attempts to recreate the world of chivalry in contemporary Spain. Quixote sets out on a quest, determined to right wrongs, even if the wrongs are evil beings disguised as windmills. Quixote is on a quest to find true honor in a world where such values are no longer relevant and save his society from moral turpitude. Similarly, the protagonist of T.S. Eliots modernist epic The Wasteland is on a quest to find something that no longer exists: a sense of meaning in life. Both Cervantes prose and Eliots poem are fragmented and episodic, reflecting the difficulties of the heroic quest to find a cohesive end and answer to the questions the protagonists are seeking. Likewise, both Don Quixote and The Wasteland are profoundly nostalgic and backward-looking works in tone, while still embracing modern attitudes and narrative structures. The purpose of the quest is unclear to the protagonist, but it is fundamentally one which seeks to restore an ancient rather than a new order. Quixote wishes to restore an ancient

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American Hookup The New Culture Of Sex On Campus

In the book American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus, By Lisa Wade, she addresses the issues and concerns that she sees within the â€Å"hookup culture†. Lisa Wade’s book is a mixture of important statistics and personal accounts of what happens in the hookup culture on various college campuses. To define the hookup culture that Wade is addressing, we can look to the book as Lisa defines the hookup culture as essentially casual sex with no strings attached, another sociologist Kathleen Bogle described this as a â€Å"new norm† for campuses and that this an be very harmful for women especially (Wade, 2017, p.16). Michael Kimmel a well-known sociologist of masculinity was quoted saying that hooking up is â€Å"guys-sex† and that guys run the†¦show more content†¦If you do not fit these requirements it is most likely that you don’t participate in the hookup culture on this campus. You can see the parallels between Boise State and the colleges in the book with these requirements. It seems that people of color at a predominantly white institution are quite often left out of the hookup culture, but if they happen to be in the hookup culture they are often fetishsized and exotified, thus making them less likely to want to participate. Another reason that specifically women of color do not want to participate in this hookup culture may have some historical context. The raping and high rates of sexual assaults that happened and are still happening to women of color are still felt in many forms today. Sexual violence has historically been used to perpetuate racism and colonialism. The colonizers viewed bodies of people of color as dirty and unworthy of respect. Violence was normalized for these â€Å"dirty bodies† . Native American women and African American women have historically been viewed as ‘rapable’ (Michigan. 2017). Another important factor in the hookup culture is alcohol and sometimes drugs. The place you are most likely to find these factors is at a party on any college campus. Party oriented students believe that drinking enhances their experiences and improves their personalities (Wade, 2017, p.29). Not all students participate in drinking or drugs and they have felt out of place and judged (Wade, 2017, p.31).Show MoreRelatedThe Strength Of Sexuality : A Statement1425 Words   |  6 PagesMary Joyce Alejandrino Expository Writing Section BT Mr. Thomas P. Davis 1st Semester Paper Assignment #1 Final Draft September 15, 2014 The Strength in Sexuality To make a statement, women need to utilize a weapon that the public will respond to: sex. Sex has become a means of establishing independence and identity because of its scandalous nature. For centuries, the topic of sexual intercourse was riddled in controversy, unspoken of and hidden behind closed doors. Although sexual desires were partRead MoreHow The Media Influences Gender Roles3905 Words   |  16 PagesI certify that I have followed the SJFC Academic Honesty Policy for writing papers Gabrielle Burns How the Media Influences Gender Roles in Adolescents One of today’s thriving issues is the strong gender gaps that exist in American society. Beginning at birth, the hospital assigns blue blankets to boys and pink blankets to girls because those are presumably colors that are fit for each gender. In the toddler stages of life, we can see gender gaps created by the toys childrenRead MoreWomen in the Law Term Paper2048 Words   |  9 PagesWomen in the Law Term Paper In American society, individuals are constantly subjected to discrimination and gender bias, which pollutes our education systems, military, and individuals in executive business roles. Women are more often subjected to these types of issues and have sought remedy for their issues by looking toward legal theoretical frameworks like Formal Equality, Substantive Equality, and a Non-subordination/Dominance theory approach, which set the guidelines for how to identify andRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 Pageson the Next Steps for a VoIP Supplier CASE STUDY I-3 The VoIP Adoption at Butler University CASE STUDY I-4 Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children’s Health Fund of New York City CASE STUDY I-5 Data Governance at InsuraCorp CASE STUDY I-6 H.H. Gregg’s Appliances, Inc.: Deciding on a New Information Technology Platform CASE STUDY I-7 Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (B): Cleaning Up an Information Systems Debacle CASE STUDY II-1 Vendor-Managed Inventory at NIBCO

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la belle dame sans merci

la belle dame sans merci- poetic inspiration Essay Question: Is La Belle Dame Sans Merci a poem about negative female stereotypes or about poetic creation and poetic sensibility? La Belle Dame Sans Merci is written in ballad form. Typically the ballad is dramatic, condensed and impersonal: the narrator begins with the climactic episode, tells the story curtly by means of action or in this case by means of dialogue alone. It is told without self reference or the expression of personal attitudes and feelings. Keats does not differ here. Ballads also employ set formulas including stock descriptive phrases like blood-red wine and milk-white steed. There is a refrain in each stanza and incremental repetition. Keats differs slightly in the ballad stanza format making the last line of each stanza shorter than the others. La Belle Dame Sans Merci literally means- beautiful woman without pity. It is, on the surface, a simple story describing the ill fate of a knight-at-arms. By the very name of the ballad people can deem is to be about negative female stereotypes. But on the other hand one can see the knight as a poet that finds poetic inspiration- symbolised in the figure of the woman- and then has it leave him abruptly. Feminists see this as another example of negative stereotyping of women in literature- a manifestation of whatever is happening in a society dominating by patriarchan values. The male sees himself as a victim figure used badly by a wicked, treacherous temptress who uses enchantment to destroy a knight and make him neglect his duties and responsibilities. It is considered to be about the femme fatale. Only the male opinion is expressed in the poem- we hear only the knights side of the story. Some think that the poem is about poetic imagination, inspiration and the loss of it. Mario L. DAvanzo says that it describes perfectly the poets semicircular arc of imaginative assent, fulfilment and decline into the world of reality. The knight is compared to a poet and the death-pale warriors, princes and kings could also have been compared to poets agonised by reality and the end of their imaginative trance; while the lady is compared to the poetic inspiration and the act of poetic creation that captivates them for a while and then leaves them. Keats recurring subtle metaphors regarding the poetic process can be found in this ballad. The character of the knight fits the profile of one of Keats heroes. Earl R. Wasserman said that all mortals who engaged in imaginations struggles are knights-at-arms. The ballad starts with a strong question which is repeated in the second stanza; asking what could ail the knight. The cold wintry weather and the desolate landscape depicted- witherd- in the first two paragraphs reflect the desolation that poets must endure after their inspiration has left them. The knight looked hungry as indicated by the squirrels granary is full . . . harvests done- this could be interpreted as the knight being starved for inspiration. The pitiful state of the knight is caused by the sudden lack of poetic imagination and inspiration. It has left him in anguish and very pale. wild eyes and long hair are said to be two physical characteristics of Keats muses, by DAvanzo. The wild eyes could also refer to the untameable energy of imagination. The woman is said to be full beautiful as well as being strong and wild, this suggests ambiguity as seen in imagination. By placing her on his steed he tries to control and tame her which is in vain. The woman is called a fairys child and is said to sing a faerys song; this elfin nature is another association with poetic imagination. The knight is not simply an innocent victim- it was he that courts La Belle Dame and made a garland for her head, And bracelets too, and fragrant zone; the garland could be interpreted as a woven poem. The plaintive yet sweet moan gives a hint of the tragic future that is inevitable- he would be forced back to reality. The knight could not be sure of its meaning. 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The woman only started to sing after the knight had put her on his steed; up to this point she was a passive figure. The use of the conjunction for signifies that the beautiful womans singing was the effect of the knights action. The exchange of gifts by the knight and the lady suggests harmony between the poet and imagination. La Belle Dame gives the knight manna-dew for inspiration. The food she offered him was supernatural and may have been meant to provide spiritual nourishment. By singing and speaking in the strange tongue the lady offered the knight verbal nourishment for the imagination. She had planted the roots of music and imagination in him. There was also a lot of assumption on his side- since the maiden spoke in a strange language he could only guess what she was saying. she looked at me as she did love- this could be interpreted either as she looked at him lovingly or she looked at him as if she was in love. And he had assumed that she had said I love thee true. The language could have been strange because to Keats poetic imagination is extraordinary, unfamiliar and inexplicable. The language was strange also because she was a magical creature- a fairys child. Her elfin grot could be a metaphor for a sanctuary of imagination and poetry. Poetic inspiration and imagination come to a peak at the grot. There is no indication that the woman wilfully banished the knight from her elfin grot and it has been argued that the union of the lovers is broken by the knights own inability to retain the vision. When she wept it is another indicator that the fantasy would end. He dreams of a cold hillside and a bleak countryside. This abrupt transition is characteristic of ballads. This dream indicates the death of imagination and the return of the knight to numbing reality. He hears the past victims of the Lady who had nourished him and then mercilessly takes away her gifts. She destroys all those that go in search of her; of imagination and inspiration. The knight is left unfulfilled and with pain. Keats suggests that imagination too has its inevitable and natural decline. Either interpretation can be maintained; the poem brings together both points of view as it mirrors the conflict in Keats own mind.

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Supreme Court emerged as the most powerful branch free essay sample

The Supreme Court has the final say as to the appropriateness of the law, and the actions of the President. They imposed during this time period limits of power on the other branches. This paper will argue the Supreme Court from 1 790 until 1 857 emerged as the most powerful branch in several ways: some history of the early Supreme Court, the emergence of a strong super star, discussion of the landmark cases that illustrate their power, and end with a remarkable decision rendered by the Supreme Court in 1857. Article 3, section 1 of the United States Constitution called for a federal audacity to be established.It was vague as to the power and details. The Senate passed the Senate Judiciary Act of 1 789 which set it up. It called for 13 judicial districts. The Supreme Court was set up with one Chief Justice and five associate justices(l Justices are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. We will write a custom essay sample on Supreme Court emerged as the most powerful branch or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They can only be removed by impeachment on grounds of bribery or high crimes. Only one in history has been removed. This alone shows you the power of the Supreme Court. Presidents and Senators come and go but a Chief Justice can impact the country for decades. President Washington appointed John Jay as the first Chief Justice. The court opened February 2, 1 790 and met in New York. It later moved to Philadelphia and finally Washington D. C. (2) Under John Jay the court traveled around the country solving disputes. During his tenure the court was trying to organize and define itself. Alexander Hamilton called it the least dangerous of the branches. (3) John Adams appointed John Marshall as the Chief Justice in 1801. This appointment marked the turning point of the Supreme Court, and eventually moved it to a powerful status.John Marshall grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He did not have extensive schooling. He was primarily home schooled and attended law lectures at the College of William and Mary. He did become a lawyer, and was well respected. He built a very strong law firm. His family was well respected. His father worked for George Washington and his mother was a relative of Thomas Jefferson. (4) It did not take John Marshall long to advance the Supreme Courts power. His first landmark decision was Mammary v. Madison in 1803. In his decision Marshall said: If TTY. Laws conflict with each other, the courts must decide on the operation of each I (5) In effect if Congress passes a law that is in violation of the Constitution then the law can be nullified by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can now control Congress and make them stay within the boundaries of the Constitution. The current Chief Justice, William Rehnquist, called this decision, the most famous case ever decided by the united States Supreme Court. (6) This case established judicial review over the Congress and the Executive branch. His next landmark decision was McCullough v.Maryland in 1819. The issue of states rights versus national power or Federalism had been debated since the Revolutionary War. John Marshall defined it by this decision. He gave Congress the right to establish a national bank. This strengthened the Federalists movement. He felt the Constitution allowed for it. The state of Maryland wanted to tax this bank. He ruled a state has no right to tax the Federal Government. He said, The Constitution and the laws made in pursuance thereof are supreme; they control the Constitution and laws of the respective states and cannot be controlled by them. He followed this up by dating the Supreme Court was superior to the States courts in Martin v. Hunters in 1816 and Cohen v. Virginia in 1821. (7) He moves on to Interstate Commerce in 1824 with the Gibbons v. Ogden decision. Steamboats had been invented and Robert Fulton had a monopoly operating a steamship line between New York and New Jersey. New York had granted Ogden a license to operate under this monopoly. Gibbons was given a license by Congress. They sued each other and John Marshall had the last say. He ruled in favor of Congress over the state of New York. He expanded the power of Congress to control commerce. 8) Our time period in question ends in 1857 and with a major decision by the Supreme Court. John Marshall was long dead, but his successor, Roger Tenet, was still the Chief Justice. He ruled in the Dried Scott case. Dried Scott was born a slave in Virginia in 1799. In 1920 Missouri was admitted to the United States as a slave tolerant state. Dried Scott was sold to a SST Louis family as a slave. He had worked several years in Illinois and Wisconsin for the family. These are slave free states. A lower court freed Dried Scott. An appellate court ruled him a slave. Dried Scott took his case to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled as a slave Scott had no standing as a citizen, and he can not appeal to the Federal government and he is to remain a slave. Chief Justice Tenet went on to say Congress had no right to limit Missouri right to allow slavery. Disagree with the decision but once again it shows you who has the authority to finally rule on important issues. (9) All of these decisions by the John Marshall court established the role the states and the Federal government would play. The issue of Federalism and states rights was decided in large part by John Marshall and the Supreme Court.

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The Story of Sake

The Story of Sake The Story of Sake The Story of Sake By Mark Nichol Sake is one of those nebulous yet specific words that are employed in a limited number of circumstances. This post discusses its origin and uses. Sake (from the Old English term sacu, meaning â€Å"guilt†), which primarily means â€Å"end† or â€Å"purpose,† is used most transparently in phrases beginning â€Å"for the sake of†: â€Å"For the sake of appearances† pertains to something done solely to result in positive perception rather than sincere, practical benefit, while â€Å"for the sake of argument† introduces a hypothetical proposition that involves a contrary viewpoint, as in, â€Å"For the sake of argument, let’s say that what appears to be murder was an accident.† Meanwhile, â€Å"for the sake of it† is an idiomatic phrase meaning â€Å"for no particular reason†; hell, as a meaningless intensifier, often substitutes sake in this usage. Conversely, â€Å"for old time’s sake† pertains to something done as a nod to nostalgia. Also, one can write â€Å"for (one’s) sake,† as in â€Å"For John’s sake, we didn’t tell him about the incriminating letter,† where sake means â€Å"benefit† or â€Å"welfare.† But â€Å"for God’s sake†/â€Å"for Christ’s sake† (the latter sometimes styled â€Å"for chrissake†) is an expression without meaning except to express some heated emotion, such as exasperation. For the sake of euphemism, such a phrase is often bowdlerized to something like â€Å"for Pete’s sake,† inspired perhaps by St. Peter’s name or by the expression â€Å"for pity’s sake† as part of a plea for mercy. Variations include â€Å"for heaven’s sake† and â€Å"for goodness’ sake†; note the apostrophe indicating the genitive state of goodness, signaling that the sake â€Å"belongs† to goodness. (Even in content in which the style is for an s to follow an apostrophe in possessive case, this idiomatic style prevails.) Conversely, the phrase is sometimes rendered more forceful by replacing the middle word with a word equivalent to brandishing one’s middle finger. The compound namesake originally meant, literally, â€Å"one named for the sake of another,† referring to a child named after a parent or another adult to honor that person; now, its meaning extends to â€Å"anyone sharing one’s name.† On that model was keepsake coined; it refers to something originally belonging to, or otherwise associated with a deceased or departed person that is kept by another to honor the first person’s memory. The word forsake (past tense forsook, and forsaken as a past participle and an adjective), meaning â€Å"abandon† or â€Å"renounce,† stems from the Old English intensifying prefix for-, meaning â€Å"completely,† and sake in its original sense of â€Å"accuse† or â€Å"dispute.† The adjective godforsaken- literally, â€Å"abandoned by God†- refers to someplace or something neglected or remote. Sake is also seen in the expression â€Å"Art for art’s sake,† referring to the sentiment that art exists on its own merits and requires no justification. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Bare or Bear With Me?The Four Sounds of the Spelling OUKn- Words in English

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Proposed Act Would Give Federal Agents Power

Proposed Act Would Give Federal Agents Power Pornography is a big deal in America and arguably has its place. While New York City, Miami and Los Angeles are all cities with big porno markets, this week, record porn site hits came from another city.   Cleveland. Ohio! During the 2016 Republican National Convention, the number of people watching pornography videos surpassed the number of people who watched the Cavaliers win the NBA Championship. Yup. Turns out, Trump is good for the porn business. A record setting 873,294 videos were viewed in The Buckeye State after Trump’s name was put into pornographic search engines. Who knew the party of Lincoln drips with erotica? Since this subject is trending, let’s see if we can tie it in with animal rights. Yes we can! There’s a connection, and it’s very disturbing. First, a little background. Bestiality, or, sex with animals, is legal in plenty of states. But it’s not enough you know that, just for fun, I’m going to call them out on it so those who live in these states can get busy on the legislation needed to outlaw this sick stuff. Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Montana, Washington, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Vermont , Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming and, not surprisingly, the District of Columbia. Humans are not the only ones being screwed by politicians in D.C. Oh, and you can have intimate relations with a non-human in Guam with complete immunity. As if sexual abuse of  animals isn’t bad enough, some sickos just can’t stop until the animal or animals are tortured and killed for sexual pleasure. Just ask Brent Justice, 54, and his girlfriend, Ashley Richards, 25. This deranged Houston couple was  arrested in 2012 for making and distributing dozens of â€Å"crush videos† where animals were tortured by the couple while the couple engaged in sexual acts. Graphic details of what this entails can be found here. Puncturing a kitten’s eye with a high heel shoe is just the beginning. Don’t look if you can’t deal with the facts of the case. It’s not really important that you make yourself sick. What’s important is that you take action. More on that later. The Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act passed during the Legislative Session of the 111th Congress in 2010 prohibited the trade in pornographic videos in which animal cruelty is depicted. It states, in part:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   â€Å"Each of the several states and the District of Columbia criminalize intentional acts of extreme animal cruelty, such as the intentional crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating or impaling of animals for no socially redeeming purpose.† As if any of that can ever be sold to the public  as socially redeeming. The exact text of the Act can be found on GovTrack.US. Of course, nothing is ever easy so there are limits to what this law does. In a nutshell, the trade in crush videos is illegal but the act of animal cruelty isn’t. It’s confusing. So now, the 114th Congress which concludes in January, 2017, has been asked to plug up the loopholes in the 2010 act. Specifically, H.R. 2293 was introduced by Rep. Lamar Smith, (R-TX), Ted Deutch (D-FL), Tom Marino (R-PA) and Earl Blumenthal (D-CT). The Senate bill, 1831, was introduced by Senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). Entitled the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT), this bill would prohibit the extreme acts of animal cruelty depicted  in the videos. It would also provide federal prosecutors with the ammo they need to prosecute offenders when the offense is occurring in a federal jurisdiction or interstate commerce. Federal agents would be permitted to pursue animal cruelty charges revealed while agents are  investigating another interstate violation, such as drug trafficking. Prosecutors could also stop to the transport of animals for the purpose of bestiality, even if the crime occurs in one of the states listed above. Ann Chynoweth is the Vice President of the Animal Cruelty Campaign for the Humane Society of the United States. She believes the PACT Act is sensible, bi-partisan legislation that would outlaw extreme acts of animal cruelty that occur on federal property or in interstate commerce.   â€Å"The PACT Act would strengthen current federal law that outlaws the commerce in crush videos where animals are tortured for a sexual fetish.   It would give federal prosecutors the ability to not only prosecute the peddlers of these hideous videos, but also those who crush, burn, drown, suffocate or otherwise torture animals to make them,† says Ms. Chynoweth.   â€Å"There is a documented connected between animal cruelty and human violence and that is why the National Sheriffs’ Association and more than 200 law enforcement agencies from across the country have endorsed the PACT Act.† So what can you do? â€Å"Not much is moving now during the presidential elections,† says Laura Bevan, Southeast Regional Director for the HSUS. But that doesn’t mean that after November, lawmakers can sit back and rest. No, they need to get back to the task at hand, passing laws to make life better for animals because animals have an inherent right to live their lives and make their way in the world without human intervention. So find out who your reps are (you can do so here) and call, email and visit them to urge them to support the PACT act. This shouldn’t be controversial, and there’s no appropriate argument against passage of this act.

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How do you define success Do you feel that you have been successful Essay

How do you define success Do you feel that you have been successful How would you work to achieve greater success both professionally and personally - Essay Example I feel very disheartened when I see people who have started very well early on in their careers, excelled at the threshold of their professional lives but fizzle out very soon. Is it due to the clutches of materialism? Or does the initial spurt of success get the better of their consciousness? I would not know. I for one have been fortunate to be blessed with little successes along the way – enough to motivate me and keep me going, yet scarce enough to play the role of appetizers, making me crave for more. At the very beginning of my career, as an employee of the Building Permit Department of Kuwait Municipality along with issuing approvals for building designs, an occasional client who could not afford an engineering consultancy would ask me to design. Thus, I began discovering my inherent creativity, my natural desire to create and my deep-rooted love for real estate. I did feel a little sense of achievement doing this, but success would not be the right word to describe the feeling. I went on to establish a trading firm in partnership and became the managing partner. We diversified into a lot of businesses. From taking sub-franchisees of an ice-cream company to taking the distributorship of an automotive company, our mainstay of course being buying and selling real estate – dealing in land and building on them. My initial experience with my own business taught me that I have a natural instinct to manage and run a business and a positive attitude towards dealing with people and getting work done. It also made me realize that the only way to understand the concept of Business Management on your own is to actually be in the thick of the action. Since it was my own money and assets involved, my commitment could not be questioned. I feel I have the necessary qualities to be a successful manager. An Executive MBA program, besides honing my technical skills, will give me an insight into markets and the financial world. This

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Structure and Agency in Media and Culture Essay

Structure and Agency in Media and Culture - Essay Example The paper tells that a debate, ongoing for decades is persistent in determining the relationship between structure and agency. There is a constant struggle to bridge the structure-agency relationship void and many approaches and theories have been presented in this regard. This paper suggests that Critical Realism Theory offers a solution by presenting a practical way to encounter the problem of structure- agency relations and contexts. Whether considering the voluntary or planned actions of subjects, or micro/macro analysis of a society or individual, the debate on structure and agency relationship keeps recurring. This critical realist approach contends that structure and agency relationship must be studied in order to better understand and explain society or social actions. This ought to be accomplished to achieve a stable state of society and also to accommodate positive social change encompassing individual innovation. The Critical Theory is born with the assumption that social world needs improvement and reforms, as it is deeply flawed. This theory also refutes prediction and explanation to control the social world. The sole aim of this theory is to study the social world in order to change it for the better. It criticizes and seeks to change the imposing social order. Critical theory is political in nature as challenges and confronts the way people are ruled. It is also critical of the organizations that exercise unleashed power to obtain their goals. The theory believes that the social world is the result of interaction between structure and agency.... In order to get close to the solutions of agency-structure problem, we ought to consider the evolutionary cycles of behavior for each ontological position (Hay). The intertwined relationship between agency and structure presents many solutions in a coherent and systematic manner. Taking a different discourse to the assumption that agency and structure clearly differentiated domains and each action requires a pre-existing structure (Archer, 198), whereas the critical realist theory asserts that condition and medium of agency conduct are necessary pre-requisites for the constitution of structures. Their existence is relationally dialectical and neither can exist in isolation from the other (Hay). We are not in substantial control of the social contexts in which we live in, however it definitely requires the exercise of agency to become someone and be labeled as such (Agency Textbook, 2). The agent’s particular decisions and acts are influenced by contexts in which the decision i s made. Engaging in certain acts is a result of contextual factors and our choices are a by- product of the uncontrollable contexts as we learn to want the things in relation to the contextual surroundings. Rather than an inborn source, our dreams, aspirations, and agency are intertwined with the contextual sources (Agency Textbook, 2). The dynamics of power determine the enabling and constraint of agency as one has to demonstrate a certain amount of power to exercise agency. Power is continually negotiated and shifts frequently with a multiple, decentralized, and diffused structure (Agency Textbook, 3). The complex structure of power influences agency significantly because how power is exercised on us and how we demonstrate power,

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Learning and Good Manager Essay Example for Free

Learning and Good Manager Essay Good managers are born, not made. Discuss this idea whilst exploring key characteristics of an effective manager. For a long time, many people have questioned whether a good manager is born naturally, or they can learn and train to become a good manager. For people who think that a good manager is born, they believe that an effective manager is born with some specific skills and characteristics that ordinary people do not have. â€Å"Charisma and trait are qualities which are generated from inside a person† (Junaid 2010). However, a stronger believes in nobody born with perfect competence. In fact, it is rarely to find people who just naturally good at anything. Achievement in life requires hard work, experience, and skills (Lash, J. 2007). Everyone can develop by learning and training to become better. They can change their attitude and acquire appropriate capability and attribute that required for a good manager. It is ambiguous in the aspect of good managers are born, not made, because there are many evidences and researches that explain how ordinary people can become a good manager. First and foremost, people who support the first reason that nature select a specific group of people to be a good manager by giving charisma and trait. According to Weber (1947) as cited by Raktabutr (2007), supernatural and particular forces grant charisma which is a precise quality of a personality to extraordinary person. Charisma and trait are the main factors that can make anyone become a well manager. For example, motivation is one of the key characteristic of an effective manager which is generate from inside, this type of characteristic is difficult to learn and understand. In such circumstance a proficient manager can considered as a leader, they have to know how to motivate other people in workplace. As Edward Deci (n. d. ) as cited by Llewellyn and Holt (n. d. ) write in why we do what we do: Understanding self-motivation. A place that feels connected, independent, and authorized is lead people to be self-motivated. Failure is a part of process that managers have to concede, because they have to encourage risk-taking and creativity. Effective managers have to build up the dynamic atmosphere in workplace to ensure that his co-worker and subordinate have passion to complete their task, and then it will make the outcome of their task effective and efficiency. Whereas, people who do not have this key distinctive, they can get in trouble when they have to motivate other people, because it is inconsistent to motivate to different people. Another key determinant that essential is self-confidence. Manager has to show his confidence to make his underling believe and respect to him, because manager cannot do everything they can only manage and assign task to his subordinate. While people who do not born with this ability, they can face the problem about how to act to other people to gain their trust and respect. These key characteristics are come from aptitude that manager can know immediately how to deal with problem. It could be said that other people who do not have charisma and trait cannot be a good manager, because these attributes ingrained with special people since they were born. There was an early psychological research, which were studied inborn characteristics or traits from successful leaders. The ascription is people can be a good manager if they could be found with these traits. Stogdill (1974) determine the following traits and skills as needful to manager, which consist of intelligence, conceptually skilled, imaginative, sagacious, management ability , convincing , interpersonal relations, adjustable to situations ,active to social environment ,commitment and achievement-orientated ,assertive ,cooperative , decided , trustworthy ,dominant, ardent, relentless, self-confident ,and repressive of stress. In the other hand, there are some evidences that explain how normal people who do not born with inherited specialties can learn and practice to become a good manager. Every person has to learn to acquire skills and cognition. â€Å"The most important skill for everyone is the ability to manipulate their learning† (Mcnamara, C. n. d. ). Everyone can gain a lot of benefit from learning, if they have high level of stimulus and self-directed reader. People can be a good manager by using Management development program, which is include both informal and formal method. For informal method, it can help everyone improve some key characteristics that requisite for a good manager by reading some articles, and discussing management with other people. Taking a course, seminar or workshop is another good opportunity for regular people to develop themselves to be a capable manager. There is an executive education program for manager has been provided by Harvard business school, the length of this course is around three months. This course accepts managers from all over the world. This full time course at Harvard business school offer precise learning experiences that allow managers to learn how to use vision to create effective management decision, and how to see organization as a whole picture. It is also cover all areas of management from accounting, finance, technology, operations, strategy, and marketing, international economy and organizational change. This program offers opportunity to participants to understand the key characteristics of a good manager. Almost 12,000 managers who have gone on to top leadership positions in some of the most well known companies in the world, after they graduated from this course. Therefore, it is clear that good manager can be made by training and learning, since there are plenty of ways to develop skills and characteristics by both formal and informal method. In conclusion, although, the people who born with unique skills and knowledge take advantage more than other people, normal people who want to be a good manager can expand their capability to acquire these requirements, if they have high commitment on their goal and work hard enough. Since nowadays, there are many courses and programs that provide for people to improve their abilities such as training class, which can determine and supply special skills that manager needs, and these type of programs are accepted by most organizations in the world. Thus, in my opinion, it is irrational that good manager is born. Every people can make themselves to become an effective manager, because everyone can define their own destiny.

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Describe an object that is important to you and explain why Essay examp

Describe an object that is important to you and explain why      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   My Kelty Redwing backpack is folded up in my closet. Cramped on a shelf next to a box of old textbooks and forgotten letters, my backpack, like me, would rather be elsewhere.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Gloomy New England is no place for an active pack such as mine. There, the pack's buoyant purple, teal, and navy blue colors seem lost in shadow. Helpless, I do likewise, and watch my skin turn from a healthy tan to sickly white. We can hardly wait for the upcoming vacation. I take my pack to and from school with me. Holding up to 5600 cubic inches, my pack feels comfortable on my back even with sixty pounds of gear.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   During winter vacation, I usually take a skiing trip to a cabin in the Washington State Wilderness. Loaded with everything from Monopoly to a waffle iron, my backpack shields me from snow dripped by evergreens. It never actually skis, but my backpack wouldn't dare miss a downhill ski trip in the Rockies of Idaho. I leav...

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Mid-Term Break – Creative Writing

I was in the college sick bay all morning panicking and wondering why I was sat in this small clinical room. I was left alone lying on the old squashy but cold bed. I was listening to the bells ring every hour. I was wondering what lesson I should be in now if I had not been in this uncomfortable, small cramped room. At last, the school nurse walked in and said to me â€Å"Simon your next door neighbours are here†. I picked up my coat, put my bag on my back, and walked to the school reception where my neighbours were stood. My neighbours were nice people. They were the type that would help out, like picking me up from school or baby-sitting my brother. My neighbours came and gave me a hug and sat me down by the school reception and said â€Å"Simon, we have some bad news†. All sorts of things were running through my head at that moment, I thought that their cat had died or something but these words came out â€Å"Your brother is in hospital. He has been run over by a car†. On the way home I felt sick. Tears were trickling down my face while I was thinking if my brother was okay or not. On the way home the journey felt like five hours rather that ten minutes. When I finally got home, I saw my father crying in the porch. I tried to comfort him but I was too worried myself to be of any real help. I thought I knew what had happened, my father does not really cry when somebody dies but this time he was really crying. He was alone in his own world. He was cold and noises were muffled. The tears clouded his eyesight. As I entered the house, there were many people talking about different things. I could not tell what they were saying; it was just one loud noise. I could make out big Jim Evans, my uncle, who was saying in a solemn voice, â€Å"it was a hard blow†. My younger sister, Natalie, was in the pram rocking and laughing as though nothing had happened. I wished that I could do that; just pretend that nothing had happened. I went upstairs to my bed room and was met by lots of old men whom I had never seen before, I was embarrassed when they all stood up and started to shake my hand, they told me they were sorry for my trouble. I locked on to someone saying that I was the eldest child away at boarding school when my brother had been run over. I was holding my mums hand when I heard this. At ten o'clock on Tuesday morning, my brother's corpse arrived at the house and was taken upstairs to the attic. The corpse was bound in bandages and they were stained in blood around the body. This made me feel sick. I wanted to get out of the room as quick as I could. The following morning I went upstairs into the attic to say my goodbyes. The room was cold and many candles were lit around the corpse to show respect. Snowdrops soothed the atmosphere and made everything calm. I saw him lying in the coffin. It was the first time I had seen him in six weeks because I had been away at boarding school. He was lying there, but more stiff and paler than I had seen him six weeks ago. He was lying there with a poppy bruise on his left temple where the car had hit him. It appeared as though he was fast asleep in his bed, but it was not his bed, it was a coffin. He had no gaudy scars because the bumper had knocked him clear. This made me feel sick again but I did not want to leave the room. His box was four foot long as if this was a foot for every year.

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Elimination Reactions Essay

As described previously, primary alkyl halides generally undergo substitution reactions with simple nucleophiles by an SN2 mechanism. Secondary alkyl halides, often react with simple basic nucleophiles to give a mixture of products arising from both substitution and elimination. As with substitution reactions, the rate at which elimination reactions proceed can be proportional to both the concentration of the base and the concentration of the reactant alkyl halide (an â€Å"E2† reaction (elimination bimolecular), or the rate can be proportional only to the alkyl halide (an â€Å"E1† reaction (elimination unimolecular). The mechanism for the E2 reaction is best described as concerted with the reaction coordinate passing through a single energy maximum with no distinct intermediate. The transition state for this reaction is described by the structure shown below in which partial bonds exist between the attacking base, the hydrogen which is abstracted, and departing halogen. The geometry of this transition state requires that the halogen be anti and coplanar with the hydrogen which is being removed (also termed â€Å"antiperiplanar†). This fact is important to remember since the stereochemistry of the resulting alkene (Z or E; cis or trans) is often controlled by the hydrogen which is removed in the elimination reaction. In the reaction shown below, the hydrogen on the carbon bearing the methyl group cannot become anti-to the halogen, hence the elimination occurs on the secondary carbon, to give the unfavored less substituted alkene. The rate-limiting transition state in the E1 reaction is again, carbocation formation, and the transition state is generally described as shown below. Factors which control whether E1 or E2 mechanisms will be observed again relate simply to the stability of the intermediate carbocation. Control of the reaction pathway between substitution and elimination is generally accomplished by careful choice of the reactants; strong, sterically hindered bases tend to favor elimination, while weak, unhindered nucleophiles tend to favor substitution. The choice for a â€Å"strong, hindered base† is generally tert-butoxide anion in tert-butanol as solvent, and it is generally safe to assume that a potential substitution/elimination reaction showing these conditions will proceed with elimination.

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Clench vs. Clinch

Clench vs. Clinch Clench vs. Clinch Clench vs. Clinch By Mark Nichol What’s the difference between clench and clinch? Their meanings are identical, but usage varies. To clench or to clinch is to hold tight. However, clench has limited senses of grabbing something or tightening a part of one’s body, such as a fist or a jaw. Clinch, though it is a variant of clench, is much more diverse in usage, with literal and figurative meanings. It refers to bending or flattening nails, screws, and other fasteners, to closing or settling a deal or an argument, or to guaranteeing a victory. It can also be a noun, referring to the action of holding or hugging, and a clincher is someone or something that secures or settles. The predecessor of clench and clinch is cling, which also has a sense of holding tight, as when someone clings to someone else or to something (whether an object or an idea), but it also refers to things that hold together or adhere, such as material (like fabric or plastic) that wraps closely around a person or an object. Clutch, more distantly related to the other words, has the same basic meaning as clench and clinch but has an additional connotation of sudden movement. In addition, unlike its synonyms, it may suggest an aborted or unsuccessful attempt to grab something or someone. Clutch is also used as a noun to describe a hold or an attempted hold, and it may refer to a mechanical part that holds other components in place during a shifting of gears, or to a pedal that activates such a part. It also has a figurative meaning of â€Å"a difficult situation,† or one may figuratively be caught in someone’s clutches or in a clutch caused by circumstances. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:70 Idioms with HeartCapitalization Rules for the Names of Games50+ Words That Describe Animals (Including Humans)

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Multi-Calendar Plans Manage Every Client With CoSchedule

Multi-Calendar Plans Manage Every Client With As a marketing agency, managing multiple clients used to be tough. Client A used a Google Sheet for their marketing schedule.  Bleh. Client B used  a clunky project management tool. Client C used email. #nightmare ^ You get the picture. Now that hassle, confusion, and time-suck of managing multiple clients marketing projects is over. You can finally organize every project from every client in one place. And youre doing it with multi-calendar, the newest feature in your most beloved marketing + social media project management tool, . :) Lets boost your marketing agencys efficiency + effectiveness, shall we? Manage Multiple Clients With Multi-Calendar [New Feature]Organize Every Project From  Every Client In 1  Place Imagine a life without complex spreadsheets only you (or your clients) understand. What about ditching confusing email threads altogether? Awww, the good life. ^ But it  is totally possible. has always been  the #1 marketing calendar for everything you need organized. And now you  can easily manage multiple clients in by giving each of them their own  calendar. That gives you, as the efficient marketing agency you are ;), one place to work  on all of your clients projects. Every calendar helps you plan + execute tons of different types of content  and social media campaigns. So  you can customize each clients calendar for their specific needs. That gives you incredible organizational power with a single login for you + a beautiful experience for your clients. Agencies! Organize every #marketing project from every client in 1 place.Simplify Your Team + Client Workflows And  Collaboration Process boosts efficiency. And many  clients + projects have different requirements. So use to easily customize your workflows for each client + project as much as you need. makes it easy to create  a Task Template and save it to easily apply again  later (which, lets face it, saves you a ton of time on those repeat projects). Plus, you can  customize an unlimited amount of Task Templates for every client. That gives you complete control  to  delight every client. Youll also ditch long email threads by  attaching the communication to your projects in . That gives everyone  working on a project the complete picture of your progress at a glance. (And that also means zero  digging through a busy email inbox for updates.) All of this organization keeps your clients in the loop + keeps projects moving forward + helps you hit deadlines. Stay on track. Execute faster. Avoid the busywork. +  marketing agencies #FTWCustomize To Fit Your Clients Needs Some of your clients  may be building their following on Instagram. Others focus specifically on their WordPress blog. Others are huge fans of creating their content in Google Docs. ^ You can customize each of your clients experiences within their calendars. That makes your go-to source for starting any project. And as your marketing agency grows (which, lets be honest, youre crushing it), scales with you. Customize your team + client workflows + integrations with !Improve Client Retention With Data-Driven Results Prove the ROI of the work you do with real  data everyone can understand! You  and your clients will see  the success of every social media message you share. And youll also see the success of your content as a whole. When you scale to Multi-Calendar Plus or Pro plans, youll also see the results of your entire social media strategy in one place with your Social Engagement Report. Easily show your clients your success to  maintain  long-term business for your marketing agency!

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Office Art Memo Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Office Art Memo - Research Paper Example From this paper it is clear that  the impressionist paintings include: A Matador, Young Woman with Ibis, and View of Vetheuil. ‘A Matador' impressionist art has color painted side by side with a little mixing, and it has a strongly colored ground. It was made by French, Edouard Manet. The ‘View of Vetheuil’ impressionist art was created in the year 1880 by Claude Monet, from France. The artwork also has a more vivid color with a light colored background. Besides, the painting is out- door with the shadowy effects detailed. On the other hand, the ‘Young Woman with Ibis’ impressionist work was an out- door painting and had no use of black color. The painting was made by a French woman, Edgar Degas, who was an impressionist. It was made in the year 1860 to 1862 and had an emphasis on natural light. The colors in the painting are placed side by side with no mixing.This discussion stresses that  there are several post-impressionist paintings and they in clude ‘Still Life with Teapot and Fruit’, ‘Tahitian Faces: Frontal Views and Profiles’, and ‘Road in Etten.’   Ã¢â‚¬ËœStill Life with Teapot and Fruit’ is non- naturalistic, even though simplified, and a trait that defies the principles of impressionist art. It has flowers hanging on their own without obeying the force of gravity. The artwork also has flat patches in bold colors, esoteric symbolism, and decorative line. Paul Gauguin, a renowned post- impressionist, made the artwork.

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Is China going to be the next major city caused the Global warming Essay

Is China going to be the next major city caused the Global warming - Essay Example China’s economic development has been inevitably dependent on the consumption of coal for energy. Energy consumption and economic development, and in turn environmental issues in China have been interrelated. Coal is the main source of energy and burning of coal leads to emission of green house gases. This is what has lead to the negative effects of China’s economic development on global warming. China has surpassed USA as the world’s leading emitter of green house gases (Landsberg, 2011). Globally, there has been a constant increase in the demand for energy. So is the case with China. As the population of China has been increasing so is its demand for energy. Also the economic growth is fuelled by this increase in the demand for energy. Economic growth is driven by industrialization and this leads to higher energy consumption. In china, the industrialization process is relatively young and is expected to grow. This means that the already high energy intensity in China will still increase. Therefore, as the economic growth curve goes upwards so does the energy demand and in turn energy consumption. As mentioned above, China with its huge population consumes enormous energy. This enormous energy consumption is the primary reason behind China’s negative impact on global warming. ... is the emission green house gases). According to Zhang Zhongxiang, China’s GDP will go down by 2% if there is a decrease of 10-20% in the green house gases emission. Also there will be a 1.29% increase in the emission of the green house gases when there is a 51% increase in the per capita income (Yu, 2008). This establishes the theory that China’s economic development has lead to an enormous increase in the emission of green house gases and in turn leading to global warming. Energy demand elasticity is an important factor in analyzing the relation between energy consumption or demand and the economic development. Energy demand elasticity is the ratio of energy demand growth to GDP growth. From 1978 to 2000, China’s energy demand elasticity was less than .5. But from 2001 to 2006 it rose to 1.5. This shows how the rapid economic development is associated with higher energy consumption. Another important evidence of the relationship between China’s economic development and global warming is the fact that the green house gas emissions had gone up 18 times in 1989 when compared to the 1952 emissions and the 2010 emissions is more than double the emissions in 1996. China’s economic development has been pointing upward since the reforms in 1970. Hence, there is a clear connection between economic development and global warming (gas emissions) (Hackett, 1998). Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency’s 2006 report found out that China was now the major contributor to the global greenhouse gas emissions. It has now overtaken USA and is the world’s leading emitter of green house gases with a margin of 8%. 2007 saw a 2.6% growth in the global emissions and China was responsible for

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Macroeconomic Condition of the USA in 1996-1999 Essay

Macroeconomic Condition of the USA in 1996-1999 - Essay Example It was a 2.1 increase from that of 1995, at the same time interest rates were low. The unemployment levels were as shown below in the period. In the year 1998 the economy experienced some of the best macroeconomic results that policymakers there were a tremendous outburst of volatility in the asset market. Although the GDP was above average in the year 1998, there was a consistent decline in growth. The economic condition worsened in 1990 making the economy more adverse (Iceland, pp. 12-57). The curve indicates the correlation between the quantity of real GDP and price level required by household. In the long run, the average demand curve and short run average curves intersect at a point on the long term average supply curve. In the presence of contraction policies the aggregate demand curve shifts to the left leading to a reduction in aggregate demand. In this case, price levels will fall but the output is not affected. On the other hand, if it were in the short run both output and price would drop. The aggregate supply shows how much is provided by a firm and at what price. In the long run, the curve is affected by events that lead to a change in the potential output of the economy. The term aggregate supply refers to the total value of services and goods that a country’s firms produce over a period. In case of a decrease in the long run supply curve, there will be a drop in the price level and an increase in the GDP. The health of the economy is by three economic indicators that include the gross domestic product, consumer price index and unemployment levels. For the economy to be termed as healthy there is a certain baseline that should be met. For a well-performing economy, the GDP should be growing at a rate of 2-3 % per annum reflecting a real growth pattern. An increase in any rate above 3% is possible but might be due to stepping on employee and environmental rights.

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Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolff

Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolff Short Response to Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolff My initial thought of this reading was that the title would be some metaphor for something else that happens. The story was short and straight to the point. It starts off with a man in a bank waiting, he has to wait in a long line due to going right before it closes. Anders starts off by seeming like a very irritable guy. Immediately he is annoyed with the two when in front of him. They are just complaining about everything. This is where we first see a sense of who Anders is. Two masked men come in to the bank making an attempt to rob it. Anders irritable attitude gets him in trouble a he starts making snide comments to the annoying lady in front of him. One of the men hears him. The man repeatedly tells Anders to be quite, but Anders does not listen. The man shoots Anders in the head, and then he his brain reflects on a distant memory. One from long ago that had much been forgotten. It recalls on a summer when Anders was out playing baseball with him friends. One friend brings a co usin who wants to play as well. When they ask him what position he wants to play he say short stop because ..Thats the best they is. Anders is shocked by what this boy has said, but it stays in his mind for the rest of the game. Memory is what builds this story. It is also what keeps this story going. We first start off with the scene of him in the bank, but eventually more to his recollection of a particular event in his life. Surprisingly he does not remember his first love, his daughter, or his wife. He remembers a time long ago playing baseball with friends. The memory is not one that you would expect from the first character we meet. Initially Anders is irritable and rude. Due to the use of memory in this story we see that Anders is not all bad. He once loved his job as a book critic, but the longer he did this the less he grew to like it. The actual memory that Anders draws on makes me think that this may have pushed him into the direction of being an editor. He remembers a friends cousin say Thats the best they is, he did not stop to fix his grammar but replayed what this boy said in his head. After being shot he plays a distant memory, but to him this is one that was really good for him. Anders memory definitely redeems him. My first thought of Anders is that I dont like him. He just does not seem like the type of person you would want to be around. On top of this, he is provoking one of the robbers. This memory takes us back to a time where Anders was happy. A young boy playing baseball with his friends. It shows us that Anders has not always been and irritable jerk, but a kind person. Someone who is accepting of you no matter. Due to circumstances throughout his life, Anders became a completely different person from that boy on the baseball field that day. Memory gives us a big look into his life, who he is and what he loves (or doesnt love). Memory and Identity The formation of identity comes from the World around you. I believe that your identity is formed based off of your family and environment. We learn morals and rules based off what our parents believe are good morals and rules to have. Each parenting style is different. I have always had more lenient parents while others have parents that can be pretty strict. This formed my identity. I never had to lie to do the things that I wanted. I would always tell my parents, and I knew that if they ever said no what I wanted to do probably wasnt a good idea. I would accept this and move on. Identity does not just come from your parents or your family, but from the places you visit frequently. You dont really form you identity until you are older. I am twenty, and still feel as if I am forming my identity. I often times ask myself Who is Kaylee Strahl? Who do I want to be? As we go to school we start to get a sense of our identity from a different perspective. We will be similar to the people we interact with frequently. I went to a really small school, this formed my identity in a different way. All of the people I graduated had a similar mind set. If you played sports or danced or other things like this. This also plays part in forming your identity. Memory and identity are similar because one has to build off the other. In order to form your identity we base it off the things that have happened in the past, our memory. Memory helps to shape us into the person that we eventually become. If there have been traumatic events in your life, your identity can change based off of that memory.

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Justice in Oedpius the King :: Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex

Justice in Oedpius the King      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Oedipus is not formally charged with any crimes.   He does manage however to commit incest, and murder.  Ã‚   His father is cursed.   The curse states that his son will kill him and marry his wife.   These facts are discovered in the introductory, "...if laius , king of thebes, had a son by jocasta, his queen, that son would kill his father and marry his mother. Laius in light of these facts has Oedipus abandoned as a child.   Another family raises him as their own.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Oedipus was on his way to town when he encountered a carriage. Some negative events transpired and Oedipus kills the entire caravan.   He continues on towards the city only to find that a sphinx was terrorizing the city with a riddle.   It killed every man that answered the riddle incorrectly.   Oedipus arrived at the solution and saves the city.   He   is immediately proclaimed King.   He does not know he has killed the former King nor do the people.   He marries the queen which just happens to be his biological mother and has children by her.   " ...child of impurity, begetter in the same seed that created my wretched self."      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Oedipus does not try to defend his actions.   In fact he blames himself as quoted from the story "Light of the sun, let me look upon you no more after today!   I who first saw you the light bred of a match accursed, and accursed ." The consequences of his actions are harsh.   He stabs his own eyes out and his wife/mother took her own life.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Justice is defined as "the abstract principle by which right and

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Airbrushing Should Be Banned

Good morning/afternoon class. The topic that we have chosen for our debate is â€Å"That airbrushing should be banned. † We as the affirmative team believe that this statement is true. The points that I will be talking about today is that manipulating images can lead to self-esteem issues, the different types of disorders that photo shopping could lead to and the extensive cost of airbrushing images. To start off, the deceptive imagery of airbrushing can lead to major self-confidence issues. Even though younger girls are exposed to many different types of media and images, the younger generations are not usually able to tell the difference between normal photographs and air-brushed images. †¢This means that over time, young women are increasingly seeing and comparing themselves with images which are neither realistic nor authentic. †¢This can lead to severe self-esteem issues. Images that are altered and manipulated to give an impossibly thin look add to everyoneâ₠¬â„¢s insecurities about their bodies.This is exactly the reason why airbrushing should be banned. Secondly, these diminishing advertisements can sometimes lead to eating disorders. †¢Some people are particularly vulnerable to this pressure to be perfect and risk developing an eating disorder such as anorexia or being bulimic. †¢This is precisely why we're calling for the media to get real and show us bodies in all their gorgeous, natural glory. While it's true that most of us are aware that the majority of women in adverts have been airbrushed to within an inch of their life, sadly, the same can't be said for younger girls, who, from a very early age are constantly being bombarded with digitally altered images without realising just how much they've been manipulated. Do we really want our precious children to change who they are so that they can fit in with society’s perception of perfection?This highlights why any form of enhancing an advertisement should be banne d. Finally, I will address the extensive cost of airbrushing images that companies and we face. †¢Airbrushing images will not only damage young girls self-esteem but it would also take an astonishing amount of money out of the company’s budget. †¢Due to airbrushing, it will not only cost the business money, but also us to go under the knife to achieve these manipulative images from the pressure to be perfect.Are we really going to go to these extreme lengths to look like someone we’re not? This illustrates precisely why photo shopping needs to be expelled. AGAINST OUR ARGUMENTS †¢it’s a clever way for products to be sold, and to attract the target audience they are aiming at. †¢models are usually hired for the purpose to sell the product and being â€Å"Photo shopped† is probably some part of their contract. †¢retouching and photo editing is supposed to make the look of the model attractive, so it is able to sell the product. the models face will usually have to be the image of perfection and beauty to interest a reader to pick up a magazine, thinking that the content will be related to the cover image of beauty. REBUTTALS Would you buy a product from an advert where the model is looking flawless, and has great skin due to airbrushing techniques? Or where it shows the true beauty of someone, and that there should be no reason to change, and to just accept how they look? Should an image that is airbrushed be societies perception of perfection?

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The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle Chapter Eleven

â€Å"The nameis Salvatore. As in savior,† he said. There was a brief flash of white teeth in the darkness. Elena looked down. The overhang of the roof obscured the balcony, but she could hear shuffling sounds down there. But they were not the sounds of pursuit, and there was no sign that her companion's words had been overheard. A minute later, she heard the french windows close. â€Å"I thought it was Smith,† she said, still looking down into the darkness. Damon laughed. It was a terribly engaging laugh, without the bitter edge of Stefan's. It made her think of the rainbow lights on the crow's feathers. Nevertheless, she was not fooled. Charming as he seemed, Damon was dangerous almost beyond imagination. That graceful, lounging body was ten times stronger than a human's. Those lazy dark eyes were adapted to seeing perfectly at night. The long-fingered hand that had pulled her up to the roof could move with impossible quickness. And, most disturbing of all, his mind was the mind of a killer. A predator. She could feel it just beneath his surface. He wasdifferent from a human. He had lived so long by hunting and killing that he'd forgotten any other way. And he enjoyed it, not fighting his nature as Stefan did, but glorying in it. He had no morals and no conscience, and she was trapped here with him in the middle of the night. She settled back on one heel, ready to jump into action at any minute. She ought to be angry with him now, after what he'd done to her in the dream. She was, but there was no point in expressing it. He knew how furious she must be, and he would only laugh at her if she told him. She watched him quietly, intently, waiting for his next move. But he didn't move. Those hands that could dart as quickly as striking snakes rested motionlessly on his knees. His expression reminded her of the way he'd looked at her once before. The first time they'd met she'd seen the same guarded, reluctant respect in his eyes – except that then there had also been surprise. â€Å"You're not going to scream at me? Or faint?† he said, as if offering her the standard options. Elena was still watching him. He was much stronger than she was, and faster, but if she needed to she thought she could get to the edge of the roof before he reached her. It was a thirty foot drop if she missed the balcony, but she might decide to risk it. It all depended on Damon. â€Å"I don't faint,† she said shortly. â€Å"And why should I scream at you? We were playing a game. I was stupid that night and so I lost. You warned me in the graveyard about the consequences.† His lips parted in a quick breath and he looked away. â€Å"I may just have to make you my Queen of Shadows,† he said, and, speaking almost to himself, he continued: â€Å"I've had many companions, girls as young as you and women who were the beauties of Europe. Butyou're the one I want at my side. Ruling, taking what we want when we want it. Feared and worshipped by all the weaker souls. Would that be so bad?† â€Å"Iam one of the weaker souls,† Elena said. â€Å"And you and I are enemies, Damon. We can never be anything else.† â€Å"Are you sure?† He looked at her, and she could feel the power of his mind as it touched hers, like the brush of those long fingers. But there was no dizziness, no feeling of weakness or succumbing. That afternoon she'd had a long soak, as she always did these days, in a hot bath sprinkled with dried vervain. Damon's eyes flashed with understanding, but he took the setback with good grace. â€Å"What are you doing here?† he said casually. It was strange, but she felt no need to lie to him. â€Å"Caroline took something that belonged to me. A diary. I came to get it back.† A new look flickered in the dark eyes. â€Å"Undoubtedly to protect my worthless brother somehow,† he said, annoyed. â€Å"Stefan isn't involved in this!† â€Å"Oh, isn't he?† She was afraid he understood more than she meant him to. â€Å"Strange, he always seems to be involved when there's trouble. Hecreates problems. Now, if he were out of the picture†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Elena spoke steadily. â€Å"If you hurt Stefan again I'll make you sorry. I'll find some way to make you wish you hadn't, Damon. I mean it.† â€Å"I see. Well, then, I'll just have to work onyou , won't I?† Elena said nothing. She'd talked herself into a corner, agreeing to play this deadly game of his again. She looked away. â€Å"I'm going to have you in the end, you know,† he said softly. It was the voice he'd used at the party, when he'd said, â€Å"Easy, easy.† There was no mockery or malice now; he was simply stating a fact. â€Å"By hook or by crook, as you people say – that's a nice phrase – you'll be mine before the next snow flies.† Elena tried to conceal the chill she felt, but she knew he saw anyway. â€Å"Abusiness proposition?† â€Å"Exactly. You came here to get a diary. But you haven't got it.† He indicated her empty hands. â€Å"You failed, didn't you?† When Elena made no reply he went on. â€Å"And since you don't want my brother involved , he can't help you. But I can. And I will.† â€Å"You will?† â€Å"Of course. For a price.† Elena stared at him. Blood flamed in her face. When she managed to get words out, they would come only in a whisper. â€Å"What – price?† A smile gleamed out of the darkness. â€Å"A few minutes of your time, Elena. A few drops of your blood. An hour or so spent with me, alone.† â€Å"You†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Elena couldn't find the right word. Every epithet she knew was too mild. â€Å"I'll have it anyway, eventually,† he said in a reasonable tone. â€Å"If you're honest, you'll admit that to yourself. Last time wasn't the last. Why not accept that?† His voice dropped to a warm, intimate timbre. â€Å"Remember†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"I'd rather cut my throat,† she said. â€Å"An intriguing thought. But I can do it so much more enjoyably.† He was laughing at her. Somehow, on top of everything else today, this was too much. â€Å"You're disgusting; you know that,† she said. â€Å"You're sickening.† She was shaking now, and she couldn't breathe. â€Å"I'd die before I'd give in to you. I'd rather – â€Å" She wasn't sure what made her do it. When she was with Damon a sort of instinct took over her. And at that moment, she did feel that she'd rather risk anything than let him win this time. She noticed, with half her mind, that he was sitting back, relaxed, enjoying the turn his game was taking. The other half of her mind was calculating how far the roof overhung the balcony. â€Å"I'd rather do this,† she said, and flung herself sideways. She was right; he was off guard and couldn't move fast enough to stop her. She felt free space below her feet and spinning terror as she realized the balcony was farther back than she'd thought. She was going to miss it. But she hadn't reckoned on Damon. His hand shot out, not quick enough to keep her on the roof, but keeping her from falling any farther. It was as if her weight was nothing to him. Reflexively, Elena grasped the shingled edge of the roof and tried to get a knee up. â€Å"Let go of me,† said Elena through her teeth. Someone was going to come out on that balcony at any second, she was sure of it. â€Å"Let go of me.† â€Å"Here and now?† Looking into those unfathomable black eyes, she realized he was serious. If she said yes he would drop her. â€Å"It would be a fast way to end things, wouldn't it?† she said. Her heart was pounding in fear, but she refused to let him see that. â€Å"But such a waste.† With one motion, he jerked her to safety. To himself. His arms tightened around her, pressing her to the lean hardness of his body, and suddenly Elena could see nothing. She was enveloped. Then she felt those flat muscles gathering themselves like some great cat's, and the two of them launched into space. She was falling. She couldn't help but cling to him as the only solid thing in the rushing world around her. Then he landed, catlike, taking the impact easily. Stefan had done something similar once. But Stefan had not held her this way afterward, bruisingly close, with his lips almost in contact with hers. â€Å"Think about my proposition,† he said. She could not move or look away. And this time she knew that it was no Power that he was using, but simply the wildfire attraction between them. It was useless to deny it; her body responded to his. She could feel his breath on her lips. â€Å"I don't need you for anything,† she told him. She thought he was going to kiss her then, but he didn't. Above them there was the sound of french windows opening and an angry voice on the balcony. â€Å"Hey! What's going on? Is somebody out there?† â€Å"This time I did you a favor,† Damon said, very softly, still holding her. â€Å"Next time I'm going to collect.† She couldn't have turned her head away. If he'd kissed her then, she would have let him. But suddenly the hardness of his arms melted around her and his face seemed to blur. It was as if the darkness was taking him back into itself. Then black wings caught and beat the air and a huge crow was soaring away. Something, a book or shoe, was hurled after it from the balcony. It missed by a yard. â€Å"Damn birds!† said Mr. Forbes's voice from above. â€Å"They must be nesting on the roof.† Shivering, with her arms locked around her, Elena huddled in the darkness below until he went back inside. She found Meredith and Bonnie crouching by the gate. â€Å"What took you so long?† Bonnie whispered. â€Å"We thought you were caught!† â€Å"I almost was. I had to stay until it was safe.† Elena was so used to lying about Damon that she did it now without conscious effort. â€Å"Let's go home,† she whispered. â€Å"There's nothing more we can do.† â€Å"I know.† For a moment Damon's proposition swam in Elena's mind. But she shook her head to clear it. â€Å"I'll think of something,† she said. She hadn't thought of anything by the next day of school. The one encouraging fact was that Caroline didn't seem to have noticed anything amiss in her room – but that wasall Elena could find to be encouraged about. There was an assembly that morning, at which it was announced that the school board had chosen Elena as the student to represent â€Å"The Spirit of Fell's Church.† All through the principal's speech about it, Caroline's smile had blazed forth, triumphant and malicious. Elena tried to ignore it. She did her best to ignore the slights and snubs that came even in the wake of the assembly, but it wasn't easy. It was never easy, and there were days when she thought she would hit someone or just start screaming, but so far she'd managed. That afternoon, waiting for the sixth-period history class to be let out, Elena studied Tyler Smallwood. Since coming back to school, he had not addressed one word to her directly. He'd smiled as nastily as Caroline during the principal's announcement. Now, as he caught sight of Elena standing alone, he jostled Dick Carter with his elbow. â€Å"What's that there?† he said. â€Å"A wallflower?† Stefan, where are you? thought Elena. But she knew the answer to that. Halfway across school, in astronomy class. Dick opened his mouth to say something, but then his expression changed. He was looking beyond Elena, down the hall. Elena turned and saw Vickie. Vickie and Dick had been together before the Homecoming Dance. Elena supposed they still were. But Dick looked uncertain, as if he wasn't sure what to expect from the girl who was moving toward him. There was something odd about Vickie's face, about her walk. She was moving as if her feet didn't touch the floor. Her eyes were dilated and dreamy. â€Å"Hi there,† Dick said tentatively, and he stepped in front of her. Vickie passed him without a glance and went on to Tyler. Elena watched what happened next with growing uneasiness. It should have been funny, but it wasn't. It started with Tyler looking somewhat taken aback. Then Vickie put a hand on his chest. Tyler smiled, but there was a forced look about it. Vickie slid her hand under his jacket. Tyler's smile wavered. Vickie put her other hand on his chest. Tyler looked at Dick. â€Å"Hey, Vickie, lighten up,† said Dick hastily, but he didn't move any closer. Vickie slid her two hands upwards, pushing Tyler's jacket off his shoulders. He tried to shrug it back on without letting go of his books or seeming too concerned. He couldn't. Vickie's fingers crept under his shirt. â€Å"Hey, Vickie, leggo. Don't do that.† But Dick remained at a safe distance. Tyler shot him an enraged glare and tried to shove Vickie away. A noise had begun. At first it seemed to be at a frequency almost too low for human hearing, but it grew louder and louder. A growl, eerily menacing, that sent ice down Elena's spine. Tyler was looking pop-eyed with disbelief, and she soon realized why. The sound was coming from Vickie. Then everything happened at once. Tyler was on the ground with Vickie's teeth snapping inches from his throat. Elena, all quarrels forgotten, was trying to help Dick pull her off. Tyler was howling. The history room door was open and Alaric was shouting. â€Å"Don't hurt her! Be careful! It's epilepsy, we just need to get her lying down!† Vickie's teeth snapped again as he reached a helpful hand into the melee. The slender girl was stronger than all of them together, and they were losing control of her. They weren't going to be able to hold her much longer. It was with intense relief that Elena heard a familiar voice at her shoulder. â€Å"Vickie, calm down. It's all right. Just relax now. With Stefan grasping Vickie's arm and talking to her soothingly, Elena dared to slacken her own grip. And it seemed, at first, that Stefan's strategy was working. Vickie's clawing fingers loosened, and they were able to lift her off Tyler. As Stefan kept speaking to her, she went limp and her eyes shut. â€Å"That's good. You're feeling tired now. It's all right to go to sleep.† But then, abruptly, it stopped working, and whatever Power Stefan had been exercising over her was broken. Vickie's eyes flew open, and they bore no resemblance to the startled fawn's eyes Elena had seen in the cafeteria. They were blazing with red fury. She snarled at Stefan and burst out fighting with fresh strength. It took five or six of them to hold her down while somebody called the police. Elena stayed where she was, talking to Vickie, sometimes yelling at her, until the police got there. None of it did any good. Then she stepped back and saw the crowd of onlookers for the first time. Bonnie was in the front row, staring open-mouthed. So was Caroline. â€Å"Whathappened !† said Bonnie as the officials carried Vickie away. Elena, panting gently, pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. â€Å"She went crazy and tried to undress Tyler.† Bonnie pursed her lips. â€Å"Well, she'd have to be crazy towant to, wouldn't she?† And she threw a smirk over her shoulder directly at Caroline. Elena's knees were rubbery and her hands were shaking. She felt an arm go around her, and she leaned against Stefan gratefully. Then she looked up at him. â€Å"Epilepsy?† she said with disbelieving scorn. â€Å"I think class was just dismissed,† Stefan said. â€Å"Let's go.† They walked toward the boarding house in silence, each lost in thought. Elena frowned, and several times glanced over at Stefan, but it wasn't until they were alone in his room that she spoke. â€Å"Stefan, what is all this? What's happening to Vickie?† â€Å"That's what I've been wondering. There's only one explanation I can think of, and it's that she's still under attack.† â€Å"You mean Damon's still – oh, my God! Oh, Stefan, I should have given her some of the vervain. I should have realized†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"It wouldn't have made any difference. Believe me.† She had turned toward the door as if to go after Vickie that minute, but he pulled her gently back. â€Å"Some people are more easily influenced than others, Elena. Vickie's will was never very strong. It belongs to him, now.† Slowly, Elena sat down. â€Å"Then there's nothing anyone can do? But, Stefan, will she become – like you and Damon?† â€Å"It depends.† His tone was bleak. â€Å"It's not just a matter of how much blood she loses. She needshis blood in her veins to make the change complete. Otherwise, she'll just end up like Mr. Tanner. Drained, used up. Dead.† Elena took a long breath. There was something else she wanted to ask him about, something she'd wanted to ask him for a long time. â€Å"Stefan, when you spoke to Vickie back there, I thought it was working. You were using your Powers on her, weren't you?† â€Å"Yes.† â€Å"But then she just went crazy again. What I mean is†¦ Stefan, youare okay, aren't you? Your Powers have come back?† He didn't answer. But that was answer enough for her. â€Å"Stefan, why didn't you tell me? What's wrong?† She went around and knelt by him so that he had to look at her. â€Å"It's taking me a while to recover, that's all. Don't worry about it.† â€Å"Iam worried. Isn't there anything we can do?† â€Å"No,† he said. But his eyes dropped. Comprehension swept through Elena. â€Å"Oh,† she whispered, sitting back. Then she reached for him again, trying to get hold of his hands. â€Å"Stefan, listen to me – â€Å" â€Å"Elena,no. Don't you see? It's dangerous, dangerous for both of us, but especially for you. It could kill â€Å"Only if you lose control,† she said. â€Å"And you won't. Kiss me.† â€Å"No,† said Stefan again. He added, less harshly, â€Å"I'll go out hunting tonight as soon as it's dark.† â€Å"Is that the same?† she said. She knew it wasn't. It was human blood that gave Power. â€Å"Oh, Stefan, please; don't you see I want to? Don'tyou want to?† â€Å"That isn't fair,† he said, his eyes tortured. â€Å"You know it isn't, Elena. You know how much – † He turned away from her again, his hands clenched into fists. â€Å"Then why not? Stefan, I need†¦Ã¢â‚¬  She couldn't finish. She couldn't explain to him what she needed; it was a need for connection to him, for closeness. She needed to remember what it was like with him, to wipe out the memory of dancing in her dream and of Damon's arms locked around her. â€Å"I need us to be together again,† she whispered. Stefan was still turned away, and he shook his head. â€Å"All right,† Elena whispered, but she felt a wash of grief and fear as defeat seeped into her bones. Most of the fear was for Stefan, who was vulnerable without his Powers, vulnerable enough that he might be hurt by the ordinary citizens of Fell's Church. But some of it was for herself.

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Enron Scandal Essays

Enron Scandal Essays Enron Scandal Essay Enron Scandal Essay Enron and why it was a failure Enron and why it was a failure Marcus E. Tucker University of Phoenix Enron and why it was a failure Enron, known today as one of the biggest business failures this country has ever seen. Enron who in the late ninetyâ„ ¢s controlled twenty five percent of all electricity and natural gas contracts traded worldwide, and was billed by Fortune magazine as Americaâ„ ¢s Most Innovative Companyâ„ ¢Ã¢â€ž ¢ for six years straight, became one of the largest bankruptcies in U.S. history in December 2001(MSN, 2008). This paper will explain how Enron failed as a company by using unethical business practices and also compare and contrast Enronâ„ ¢s leadership, top management and organizational structures to certain Organizational Behavior theories. Enron failed because it lacked proper leadership and poor decision making from its top executives. Leadership is a very important component of OB; it also is a huge reason behind Enronâ„ ¢s downfall. Enronâ„ ¢s top executives were good leaders; the only problem is that they were leading the company to destruction. One of the many definitions of a leader states Leadership is the process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and how to do it, and the process of facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives (). Kenneth Lay was able to accomplish this task with his people, his employees bought into his beliefs and the culture of the company. He was not only able to gain a following from his employees, but also from outsiders who were invested in his success such as the United States government. Employees were working eighty our weeks and sacrificing their today for a better tomorrow, they believed that by working for Enron that they were going to richer than they had ever imagined. If Enronâ„ ¢s managers had made better decisions and had stuck to OB theories such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling they should have realized that the company was running unethically and blown the whistle on the company and its top executive officers. Enron should have been focused on the future, building a stronger structure and using ethical procedures that would help the company grow. The structure of the Enron did not give other managers or top executives the ability to make decisions for the company. Enronâ„ ¢s decisions were made by Lay or Skeeling, who had immense and unchallenged authority there should have been a board of directors who voted on the decisions and the direction of the company. If you were to compare Enronâ„ ¢s structure, to a company that has high ethical standards the two companies would be identical on the surface. If you were to take a closer you look you would find that Enron priced the value of its deepwater drilling operations higher than what its reserves merited. It claimed that contracts due in the future were worth more than they were. And most famously, it hid losses in partnerships, or what were legally called special purpose entities (). Reference: MSN?  (2008).?  Enron Scandal. Retrieved February?  22, 2009, from

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After The Fall Essays - Marilyn Monroe, Joseph McCarthy, Free Essays

After The Fall Essays - Marilyn Monroe, Joseph McCarthy, Free Essays After The Fall After the Fall Arthur Miller has written many great plays in his life, such as A View from the Bridge ,Death of a Salesman ,The Misfits, The Crucible, and After the Fall. Out of all his plays it is said that After the Fall is the darkest plays he has written. I believe that this is a true statement, and that the reasons this is his darkest play is because it deals with his inner feelings on thing that he had to deal with in his life. The certain aspects that he touched in this play are his marriage with Marilyn Monroe , who was a great actress in her time. Marilyn is portrayed though the character Maggie who is a very innocent girl who, like Marilyn, was looked at mainly as a sex symbol. After the Fall also deals with Millers brush with authorities over communism in the 50s. To describe this concept Miller describes himself as a lawyer who is defending an old friend who is being threaded as being a communist or portraying communistic ideas in his latest book. Though out the play the main character, Quentin deals with his relationships with women. Two of the women who play very important roles are his wife Louise, and his mother ,Rose. Lousie tries to break out of the traditional idea that the wife is there to just cook, clean, take care of both the children and the husband, and be what is portrayed to me as a robot, where she does not have any thoughts of her own. Rose is what every Jewish mother is described as. She is seen as a strong woman, has a lot of say in what is going on, seems to have an icy touch when dealing with certain people, but is always trying to look on the good side of things. His mother is the ideal woman who Quentin holds every other woman in his life up to. The back round of most of the play is set in the early 1950 during the McCarthy trials. By 1950 the senate was in an era of anti-Communist hysteria. Senator Joseph McCarthy launched a series of highly publicized investigations in the State Department, Hollywood, and even the U.S. Army. This was intend to root out Communism. The aggressive attacks that McCarthy launched lead to a wide spread fear and suspicion though many sectors of American society. Since McCarthy had little evidence to back his claims up McCarthy fell into disfavor. In 1954 he was censured by the Senate for abusing his authority.

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The Best of Daily Writing Tips in 2010

The Best of Daily Writing Tips in 2010 The Best of Daily Writing Tips in 2010 The Best of Daily Writing Tips in 2010 By Daniel Scocco First of all we wish a happy 2011 to all our readers. Second, we compiled a list with our most popular posts in 2010, so that you can re-read your favorite ones and check if you missed any. Next Monday well resume the writing tips, so stay tuned! What Is Irony? (With Examples): Recently I was walking and talking with my co-worker, who happens to be a freelance writer and aspiring journalist. We were talking about the fact that our employers were providing us with a Thanksgiving lunch the day after Thanksgiving, and she said, â€Å"It’s so ironic!’’ â€Å"There’s† and â€Å"There are†: Contractions are supposed to be easy to say. For example, they’re for they are is easy to utter, but adding another re to there to create â€Å"there’re† produces a word difficult to pronounce. English words Don’t (usually) End with â€Å"u†: The spelling â€Å"thru† has an entry in the tolerant Merriam-Webster that jumps to through.The OED has no entry for â€Å"thru,† although the spelling is listed along with many other historical variations in the through entry. â€Å"Ma’am† and Regional Colonialism; Where I come from, children are taught that responding to grownups with a mere â€Å"yes† or â€Å"no† is impolite. â€Å"Yeah† is unforgivably rude. As a child I was taught to say â€Å"yes, sir, no, ma’am† and when I grew up, I continued to say it. When I lived in England, women whom I’d addressed as â€Å"ma’am† would sometimes smile and tell me that over there â€Å"ma’am† was reserved for the queen. 20 Computer Terms You Should Know: A great deal of jargon is used when talking about computers, and it’s surprising how often these terms are used incorrectly. Even published, successful novels sometimes do so. The following list provides an explanation of some of the more common computing terms you may come across or need to employ in your own writing. â€Å"Fun, Funner, Funnest†?: The word fun probably originated as a dialect pronunciation of Middle English fon, which as an adjective meant â€Å"foolish† and as a noun meant â€Å"fool.† The Middle English verb fonnen meant â€Å"to be foolish, to be infatuated.† 16 Manuscript Format Guidelines: If you submit manuscripts to publishers or agents, you’ve probably come across the demand that you use â€Å"standard manuscript format† (or â€Å"SMF†) for your submissions. However, it isn’t always spelled out what this actually means. Curbs and Sidewalks: In U.S. English, the word sidewalk refers to a paved footpath alongside a street or a road. The sidewalk is usually raised above the level of the road. The curb is a stone or concrete edging between the road and the sidewalk. 100 Writing Mistakes To Avoid – The Book: One of the fastest ways to improve your writing skills is to free yourself from the most common English mistakes: things like exchanging less with fewer, misspelling its as it’s, or placing commas where they are not supposed to be. This Sink Needs Fixed: The expression is often associated with Pittsburgh and â€Å"a narrow band in the middle of the country extending from the east coast to Montana.† I grew up outside those regional boundaries and am quite used to hearing â€Å"The lawn needs mowed† and â€Å"This sink needs fixed.† Taking and Bringing: Both bring and take have numerous meanings. One can, for example, take medicine, take the Fifth, take a liking to, take it on the chin, take a partner, take in a stray, take up for a friend, take out a date, and take an oath. 40 Twitter Hashtags for Writers: If you use Twitter, you’re probably already familiar with the idea of hashtags. These are simply a way of categorizing particular tweets by including within them a keyword prefixed with the hash or â€Å"pound† (#) symbol. PIN Number: To keep your writing as clear and concise as possible, you should generally try to remove unnecessary words. Sometimes duplication is fine – for artistic effect, for example – but as a general rule, it’s best to say things in as few words as possible. Corporate English: Thanks to reader Nick Corcodilos for sharing a link to an especially mind-numbing bit of English prose. I won’t publish the link he sent me, but I will give you an excerpt. Book Titles from Shakespeare: When I was receiving my secondary education in a small Arkansas high school many years ago, every student was expected to study four Shakespeare plays before graduating. The Letter â€Å"Z† Will Be Removed from the English Alphabet: Surprising as it sounds, it looks like the English alphabet will be losing one of its letters on June 1st. The announcement came from the English Language Central Commission (ELCC). No Talent for Writing: Unless the questioner wants to become an oral storyteller and tell these great stories to a live audience, or record them as audiobooks, the answer has to be, â€Å"Yes, you’re stuck.† However, I suspect that the person asking the question has made some attempt to put stories into writing, but is unhappy with the result. Post, Entry or Article?: My co-blogger and I have come across an interesting usage problem. We don’t know what to call what we write. It feels strange to refer to blog posts as â€Å"articles.† â€Å"Articles† sounds official, proper and very old media. â€Å"Posts† is the more common word, but it demeans the quality of the writing. 20 Movies Based on Shakespeare Plays: For me, April is Shakespeare’s month. I’ll be writing several Shakespeare-related posts this month, starting with Shakespeare in the movies. Story Writing 101: Since prehistoric times, when tales were told around fires and painted on cave walls, stories have been an essential part of our human experience. But what exactly is a story – and how can you write a great one? Don’t Be Burnt By â€Å"Inflammable†: In English, the in- prefix is often used to reverse the meaning of an adjective. Thus inactive is the opposite of active and inelegant is the opposite of elegant. So why isn’t inflammable the opposite of flammable? Mankind, Humankind, and Gender: My views on gendered language are perhaps too loose to meet the more extreme requirements of political correctness. For example, I don’t see anything wrong with using the word mankind in the sense of â€Å"all human beings living on the earth.† As I understand the word, it comes from an Old English construct in which man means â€Å"person.† 30 Religious Terms You Should Know: When I was growing up in small town America, stories about religion were generally confined to the Saturday church pages in the local newspaper. Catholics and Jews were the most exotic religious practitioners in town, and â€Å"atheist† was a strong term of disapprobation. â€Å"Completed Suicide†: My take is that, outside its valid use in medical literature, the expression â€Å"completed suicide† is being used as a euphemism by people who feel there’s more of a stigma attached to saying that someone â€Å"committed suicide.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the General category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:7 Classes and Types of Phrases"Certified" and "Certificated"7 Sound Techniques for Effective Writing