Thursday, November 21, 2019

How do you define success Do you feel that you have been successful Essay

How do you define success Do you feel that you have been successful How would you work to achieve greater success both professionally and personally - Essay Example I feel very disheartened when I see people who have started very well early on in their careers, excelled at the threshold of their professional lives but fizzle out very soon. Is it due to the clutches of materialism? Or does the initial spurt of success get the better of their consciousness? I would not know. I for one have been fortunate to be blessed with little successes along the way – enough to motivate me and keep me going, yet scarce enough to play the role of appetizers, making me crave for more. At the very beginning of my career, as an employee of the Building Permit Department of Kuwait Municipality along with issuing approvals for building designs, an occasional client who could not afford an engineering consultancy would ask me to design. Thus, I began discovering my inherent creativity, my natural desire to create and my deep-rooted love for real estate. I did feel a little sense of achievement doing this, but success would not be the right word to describe the feeling. I went on to establish a trading firm in partnership and became the managing partner. We diversified into a lot of businesses. From taking sub-franchisees of an ice-cream company to taking the distributorship of an automotive company, our mainstay of course being buying and selling real estate – dealing in land and building on them. My initial experience with my own business taught me that I have a natural instinct to manage and run a business and a positive attitude towards dealing with people and getting work done. It also made me realize that the only way to understand the concept of Business Management on your own is to actually be in the thick of the action. Since it was my own money and assets involved, my commitment could not be questioned. I feel I have the necessary qualities to be a successful manager. An Executive MBA program, besides honing my technical skills, will give me an insight into markets and the financial world. This

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