Thursday, October 17, 2019

J&J Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

J&J - Assignment Example Also they cannot mention about the risk of death on the warning label because people with suicidal tendencies may start using it. The drug earns yearly revenue of $1.3 billion so it is not possible to completely shut down its production. In order to solve the quandary, the J&J Company should make it sure that the public is well aware of the risks associated with the medicine. Instead of advising only about using it on the prescription of a doctor, it should state clearly about the potential hazards it poses to specific organs. The Company should also restrict its use as an over-the-counter drug and should only allow it to be given by a qualified doctor. This would ensure that the people do not overuse the drug. Clearly, it would reduce their sales by a large margin but it would save a lot of money it loses in legal proceedings. Also millions of lives would be saved and the company would regain its good reputation which has been tainted by various incidents of deaths. Works Cited East on, Thomas and Stephen Herrera. J&J's Dirty Little Secret. Forbes, 1998. Print.

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