Monday, August 12, 2019

Diversity and demographic characteristics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Diversity and demographic characteristics - Essay Example This paper discusses different demographic and diversity factors that impact individual behavior. A demographic variable that has a great impact on individual behavior is socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic status is a measure of an individual or family’s relative economic and social ranking (Nces). Two primary factors that determine socioeconomic status are income and educational level. Higher income positively impacts the well being of people and affects their personal behavior. People in higher income brackets have the opportunity to enjoy activities such as going to fine restaurant, playing golf, vacation to other countries, among other expensive habits on a regular basis. A separation exists between the rich and the poor in a society. The educational attainment of a person opens up opportunities for people. The higher educational level a person achiever the greater the chances of obtaining a high paying job. A person with a high school diploma in the United States earns an average annual salary of $23,400, a figure which is $28,800 lower than college graduates. (Earn mydegree, 2008). Geographical differences cause behavioral discrepancies among the people of region. Two types of geographical differences are rural vs. urban and inner city vs. suburban. Rural life tends to be more passive which allows families to raise their children in a controlled environment. The lifestyle includes working farming agricultural and dairy activities. People typically have large homes with vast amount of land. In the city life is totally different. People are in a constant rush and spend a couple of hours a daily commuting to get from one place to the other. The urban area has higher levels of industrial activity and pollution. In China the population from the rural areas migrates to the urban region in search for employment opportunities that come from manufacturing operations. The second comparison is inner city vs.

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