Friday, August 9, 2019

Partition as a Solution to Ethnic Civil Wars Term Paper

Partition as a Solution to Ethnic Civil Wars - Term Paper Example Such feelings are never in favor of a country because they start destroying the foundations of the country slowly and gradually. When a group of people starts feeling unprivileged as compared to other people, they raise their voice against the government officials and the government’s discriminating policies, which results in starting a civil war. Kirschner, in an article states, â€Å"Individuals are more likely to continue fighting once a war begins, foreseeing severely restricted opportunities, if not annihilation, under the current state†. The best way to deal with such kinds of problems is to negotiate with the ethnic groups in order to know their concerns. If a government becomes unable to satisfy the people properly, chances of conflicts start increasing in the country, which leads the country towards many problems, such as, demand for separation or partition within the state. Chapman and Roeder state, â€Å"Partition is more likely than alternative institutiona l arrangements—specifically, unitarism, de facto separation, and autonomy arrangements—to preserve the peace and facilitate democratization† (677-691). ... Partition is one of the strategies to terminate all sorts of ethnic wars in a country. When government do not find any other way to the solution of the problems, it starts thinking of partition within the state in order to let the ethnic groups live their life on their own. However, it is never an easy decision for any government because partition destroys the autonomy and power of the government of the country. Partitions not only affect the political structure and but also affect the control of central government. Apart from these disadvantages of partition, there are several advantages of partition for the ethnic groups. Let us discuss some of the most considerable benefits in some detail in order to get a better understanding of how partitions terminate the possibility of ethnic civil wars in a country. Solution to Ethnic Wars Partitions are a good solution to the end of ethnic wars. Ethnic conflicts give rise to many problems for a country. They not only destabilize the economy of a country but also disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the whole nation. Ethnic conflicts arise when a group of people belonging to some specific culture or society start feeling unprivileged and ignored by the government. Such groups raise their voice to stop discrimination and unfairness against minorities and to give full protection to their rights. When a government fails to fulfill the demands of the ethnic groups, they start movements and strikes against the government. It acts as the starting point towards partition. Such groups start demanding a separate nation or a separate place where they can live their lives independently and in accordance with their cultures. In history, there are many examples in which different movements against the governments

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