Saturday, August 24, 2019

International Law Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

International Law Questions - Assignment Example The Australian and New Zealand markets permit competition in their markets. Being new target markets for business, there are various market strategies that would assist the firm in penetrating the markets. Franchising, which involves selling rights of the firm’s business model to local affiliated firms is an appropriate method. The corporation sells the rights of distribution to local Australian firms. The other market entry strategies apt for these markets include joint ventures, Greenfield projects and exportation.Zimbabwe and Cuba markets are different from the aforementioned markets because of their corruption. Foreign firms, before entry, have to bribe government officials despite the market entry strategy adopted by the firm. The bribes facilitate faster processing of legal and business documents and the required licenses for operation in these markets. Without bribes, the firm will enter these markets after a prolonged time. The World Trade Organization stands out as a treaty because it promotes more free trade amongst its members. By promoting international trade, the treaty encourages member states to increase their individual output through specialization. The main objective of this treaty is to promote peace amongst member states during the trading process. Trading amongst individuals usually leads to disputes and the WTO seeks to avoid these disputes by enabling smooth flowing trade. TRIPS, on the other hand, is a treaty that deals with intellectual properties.

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