Saturday, September 28, 2019

Discussion Board Topic Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion Board Topic - Assignment Example A reader can interpret the bible easily by understanding the context of the book that is the original and the history setting of the Bible. The method also known as historic-grammatical approach, aids the reader to find the literal meaning of the words based on the understanding of the chronological and cultural settings in which the written words form (Duvall & Hays, 2010). For instance, words in the Old Testament differ from the New Testament in that the New Testament authors were trying to interpret the Old Testament authors in this way it becomes easier for readers to apply what they have read into the present life. Topical preaching is very popular and practical that entails choosing a topic from the Bible and then expanding on the same. This method of preaching is recommended as many topics in the Christian calendar are naturally related to topical preaching for instance, the Youth day, Development day and even the Holy Communion (Duvall & Hays, 2010). However, preachers may violate topical preaching, as there is a temptation to rely heavily on non-Biblical sources, and a high tendency of misusing scriptures from the

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