Sunday, September 15, 2019

Education and Essay School Uniforms Essay

SCHOOL UNIFORMS should not be abolished. Schools around the world would not be the same should the rules change. The gap between the rich and the poor widens as rich students will definitely put on their branded clothes to show off their wealth while the students from average-income households might feel inferior as they could not get a chance to experience the luxury. In this essay, I will demonstrate how the wearing of uniform provides us with a powerful sense of unity and gives us better self-restraint. When students are not wearing school uniforms, they may claim that their daily clothes are more comfortable then school uniforms. However not all students are as fortunate as others. Those who can afford more expensive clothing will certainly mock those who are not as rich as themselves. This will cause much discrimination against the poor students. With wearing school uniforms there is no need to figure out what to wear every day and there is more concentration on academics. Instead of competing over who is wearing what, there is more focus on the daily school work. In many cases, girls try to dress provocatively or to outdo one another. Using school uniforms takes away these distractions. Moving on to my second point, uniforms make the school more secure. Should all the students wear their own clothes, it would be much easier for a terrorist, to enter the school. If the whole school wear different clothes, sneaking into the school will be incredibly easy for a terrorist to enter. Wearing uniforms dramatically reduce the school’s security risks. The guards will not have to check all the students if school uniforms are worn. The wide array of colours and designs of clothes that students put on act as a source of distraction. Their colour combinations become topics of discussion among students that they lose concentration over their studies. Students will then become very concerned about their peers’ wear. There is not really a need to look fabulous in school. Schools are places for studying not a fashion show. School uniforms can abolish all the fanciful thoughts, allowing the students to be able to focus during lesson time. All this shows that abolishing school uniforms will prove useless. As a conclusion, wearing school uniforms gives the students a variety of benefits, the most prominent being the sense of unity instilled in the students who wear school uniforms, the security benefits and the sense of self-restraint. The abolishing of school uniforms will not help. In my opinion, school uniforms should not be abolished.

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