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Organizational behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Organizational behaviour - Essay Example Passos and Caetano (2005) offer that conflict is absolutely necessary in order to improve team performance and maximize group effectiveness. This viewpoint of the team environment realizes that there will be conflict between group members as a natural element of the group dynamic. However, there are methods available in which group leaders can regulate the way in which conflict is mediated, creating the opportunity for more healthy discussion about the group project. For example, a diverse project team is having issues about specific teams members who are not motivated to succeed, which is hindering the project. Animosity and anger would be the most likely conflict emotions involved in this situation. A competent leader would recognize that these problems exist and either call for a meeting to discuss the groups’ differences or to create a reward system by which to show the unmotivated group that those who perform will be compensated in greater proportion to the unfocused. In this situation, genuine conflict creates the opportunity to discuss issues and build relationships through positive business interactions. Khaneja (2004) supports that conflict can be a healthy part of team activities, suggesting that healthy disagreement should actually be encouraged as a means to build better team problem-solving and group innovation. The project manager or team leader must ask a variety of questions and allowing others to offer recommendations on the project. When recommendations are given, the leader should challenge these assumptions and criticize others in order to spark healthy, competitive debate. The author further proposes that these sessions should continue throughout the duration of the project to keep conflict as a means to get more quality ideas and solutions. Two specific business professionals take a radically different viewpoint on conflict when they state, â€Å"It is a common illusion that an enterprise is one big happy

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