Thursday, July 25, 2019

Consumption Patterns Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Consumption Patterns - Research Paper Example The consumers market is made of product, price, place and promotion all surrounded by economic, political, cultural, demographic and technological factors. The buyer may be influenced by knowledge, lifestyle patterns, perspectives, taste, character and motivational factors in buying the product. Prior to buying the same product, one may decide to search information about it from various sources, one may look for an alternative product, recognize a problem with the product or decide to buy it later. Purchasing the product can depend on one’s individual taste, brand recognition, dealer, amount of the product, or the time the product is being sold (Boone & Kurtz 287). In the United States, various types of consumer behavior exist among different parts of the country. America has been inhabited by many types of cultures over the years. This immigration has not only formed an outstanding culture but also created various subcultures or ethnic groups within the whole of America. Thes e groups have the same religion, beliefs, heritage and experiences that distinguish them from other members of the society. African Americans and Asian Americans are an example of such groups and compose of around a third of the US population. Hence, their similarities contribute to possession of the same consumption patterns (Hoyer & Falcnnis 323). A minority of the ethnic groups exhibit different behavioral patterns with each group having specific preferences in food, clothing, music, and cosmetics such as skin and hair care products among others. American consumers for instance demonstrate a desire to embrace new fashions as well as frequent shopping compared to others. Media also affects consumption patterns. Some media exist for a specific ethnic group or many subgroups. Hence, it may decide to use the ethnic language to conduct its advertising and promotional campaigns to reach the target audience. Religion brings with it values, and beliefs about various issues such as unders tanding of sex, family life customs, norms and morality. What is consumed is guided by religion, a key concern that should guide marketers in product distribution. Consumers shopping behavior is largely influenced by their different needs and preferences (Meisis & Tait, 123). African Americans African Americans display a large and widespread group that is composed of many subgroups with regard to regions, academic and profession. According to reports, almost 30% of the population possesses 50,000 dollars and above GDP while 46% stays at home majority of whom are single parent families where women are the main breadwinners. On the level of education, almost 15% are college graduates out of the 24% of the whole us population. In terms of consumer behavior, African Americans believe in freedom of life, dressing and presentation. They are very independent and value their culture, which they struggle to maintain as they are mostly less concerned with other groups way of life and do not e asily imitate. Their consumption patterns are grounded on the principles of individual presentation, importance of style and beauty. In relation to the above is the search for recognition and status revelation. In the attempt of describing their fashion statement, African Americans mostly buy the ‘boy’s clothing’. This has made them become targets for commercial advertisers due

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