Thursday, July 18, 2019

Is Fast Food Killing People? Essay

Nowadays obesity has become one of the vital problems in the USA. The quantity of overweight or obese people has been increasing dramatically through the past decades, carrying the raise in number of young people suffering from heart diseases, diabetes and other weight-related diseases. Maintaining healthy weight among the citizens has become one of the most significant tasks for the contemporary health professionals. The nutritionists and therapists name several reasons that lead to obesity in children, adolescents and adults. They say that while the lack of physical activity plays its part in this process, it is mostly improper ration that leads to the progress of this disease. The thing is that most Americans eat more than they should. They overeat every day, and, in addition, their food is mostly high in calories and fat. One of the reasons of this process is that the fast foods are gaining popularity in throughout the USA with each passing year. The excessive consumption of fast foods leads to developing dangerous diseases, which often lead to lethal outcome. A contemporary pace of life often doesn’t allow time for cooking at home, thus the families either eat out, or order food home. It is rarely that families order home healthy foods like salad. Most of Americans prefer pizza, where it is lots off fat and carbohydrates. In addition lots of parents prefer to stock the fridge with high-calorie snacks the children can eat while watching TV or playing computer games. Chocolate bars, soft drinks, and chips are the main ration for many American children. Over and above, there are few kids in the USA that are involved in some kind of physical activity. It’s no wonder the statistic says that 11% of children are obese in the USA and there is also the significant percent of those, who are overweight. (World Heart Federation Fact-Sheet, 2002). The situation with adult obesity is even more threatening. If we consider the fact that being overweigh is having body mass index higher than 25, and obesity is defined as having BMI 30, or greater, the statistical data, gathered in 2003, shows that 39. 8 million American adults, more than 57% are overweight. One-quarter of American adults are also obese. (CDC, 2006) Television and computer games contribute greatly to the weight problems, as today 43% of American adolescents watch TV more than two hours a day, sitting still near the TV set, and often eating snacks. Genetic predisposition factors also shouldn’t be neglected, as their combination with the unhealthy lifestyle usually leads to the severe weight problems. And it is often that obese teenagers become obese adults. Most Americans love fast food, and some of them are dining there two-three times a week. As you understand, no weight loss is possible in such a regime, as the foods offered in McDonalds and similar restaurants are full of empty calories. After a snack in the fast food a person often still feels hungry, even thus he /she consumed twice more calories than he/she needed. As we can see, fast food is one of the factors that determine obesity epidemic that exists in the U. S nowadays. Of course, the McDonalds and other fast food restaurants’ officials try to disprove this fact. Nevertheless, the movie Super Size Me, filmed by Morgan Spurlock, proved it convincingly. Mr. Spurlock, the author and the director of this film, put his own body on the line. He decided to live on nothing, but McDonald’s food, during the entire month. The results were that he gained lots of weight, developed depression, and sugar cravings. As we can se, fast food influences the physical and psychological health of its consumers badly. Healthcare professionals state that consuming fast food leads to obesity, which is one of the causes of diabetes, heart diseases, and other dangerous conditions. Moreover, obesity influences the psychological condition of the patient, leading to development of eating disorders, like Anorexia or Bulimia Nervosa, or Binge eating (Levy, 2000). It is obvious that consuming great amounts of fast food is mortally dangerous. References 1. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (2006). Overweight and Obesity: Obesity Trends: U. S. Obesity Trends 1985–2004. Retrieved 12 March, 2006 from URL: http://www. cdc. gov/nccdphp/dnpa/obesity/trend/maps/ 2. World Heart Federation (2002). World Heart Federation Fact-Sheet. Obesity/Nutrition. 3. Supersize Me. A film of Epic Portions. (2002). About the Movie. Retrieved 12 March, 2006 from URL: < http://www. supersizeme. com/home. aspx? page=aboutmovie> 4. Levy, L. (2000). Understanding Obesity: The Five Medical Causes. New-York: Firefly Books Ltd. , p. 11.

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