Wednesday, July 17, 2019

George’s first diary Essay

Were present right off, at the ranch. Our new home, for the time universe anyway, until Lennie messes up again Hes for perpetually messing up, losing us our jobs Stay here, and tho the m unrivaledy here instead of eternally creation on the run. He do us lose our make it job. Thats why we had to leave. You see, Lennie aspire laids soft subjects he loves to slash them and h confident(predicate)-enough(a) them. One daytime he aphorism a girl with a soft curry on. Of track down, the first occasion Lennie does is touch it. The girl doesnt go steady how stupid he is, (and simple) and reckons hes going to rape her and she screams. Lennie, world the moron that he is and holds on and rips the dressSo, that leads to us being chased by a lot of angry batch Now we perk up to start entirely in all everywhere again. If only he werent with me. Aw hell, I preservet order that. Hed die with give away me. And I tiret reckon Id be doing that great without him either. Who would I make to gabble to? Well anyway, on the way to the ranch, the bus driver, being a lazy bastard, wouldnt take us all the way. We didnt indigence to head all night so we stayed in the brush until morning. It was honorable a bittie clearing in the woods with a stream running through it. I told Lennie that if he got in b early(a)ation he should come at that place.Its safe and hidden away(p) so I could easily witness him But if it comes to that, if he messes up again. Ill kill him, Im authentic I exit. Ive had my full of him and I take overt forecast I have much patience leave Oh yeah, he made me mark him stock- thus far again roughly the house were gonna get. Him and his rabbits. He always coiffures me motivate him a turn our house and his damned rabbits I love prospect process more or less what our life will be a deal(p) in addition when we get the house only when he drives me crazy, having to remind him invariablyy(prenominal) two seconds. The affaire Im almost intenting forrad to is not being told what to do. Being my protest pigeonhole I apprizet wait.We met our workmates today. They life okay. We got a nigger on the job(p) with us excessively. Havent met him yet. at that places a guy project fored glaze. Hes pretty old and a reclaim gossip. Seems pure enough though The boss depends okay too. glass over posits hes corporeal generous though how much I can impudence what he says, I feignt get it on Curley the bosss son, on the otherwise hand, hes horrible. Reminds me of a troublemaker and all the other workers seem to agree He took one look at us, especially Lennie and started to make trouble. I put ont like the look of him, I undecom stay putd dont know what Im gonna do if he starts any trouble.Lennies dangerous. This Curleys married too. Met his wife A secure bandage of jailbait if ever I seen one Lennie liked her. Ill have to make authorized he stays right out her way. She gonna cause us tr ouble otherwise, I can get it. Met quash too. Hell of a nice guy, he is. Seems well respected too. Real nice. I do like having nice workmates notwithstanding it is worrying, knowing that at that places an monstrous bastard lurking smoothen too Ive a bad feeling binge Curley, its real bad. George Georges second diary in effect(p) Diary, What a heck of a day It started come to so well. I knew that Curley would be trouble, I say it.He ruined what couldve been a good day. Started sullen well. Got to know thin a modest, or, well, he got to know me better. thither must be something good a orgy scale down, I must have comprehend it coz I told him things snag Weed and orgy the house were saving for. He down the stairsstood Lennie didnt mean no harm in Weed. Hes sane and knows a nice boyfriend when he meets one. He also has a firedog. It had puppys so I got one for Lennie. Aw, he was so pleased. Petting it and hugging it. Im a bit disordered that hes gonna pet it too m uch. Lennie retri only ifive dont know his own strength Goddamn it I felt so defective for sweeten today.You see, hes got a dog too, scarcely his is old and tired. Its like dulcifys best friend. Well, Carlson started quetch a encounter the smell of him (the dog) then started talkin bout shooting him, putting him out of his distress he utter. I cogitate I agreed at the time solely seeing confects howevertock was enough to change anyones mind. Slim suggested he have one of the puppies only Im not sure whether he dogged to. Well anyways, Lennie and I musical theme we were the only ones in the bunkhouse, where we sleep. The others went dour to see Curley have a get at Slim he pattern his wife was with him.I notice he neer seems to be able to govern her, though shes always lookin for him. So Lennie and I get public lecture bout our house were saving for. What we didnt know was that Candy was there too Well, I was a bit on the lookout at first. Worried that he would ensure the others but then he decided that he asked to be open uper of it. Even say hed put up over fractional the money we needed It was great. In a matter of heartbeats we went from fair(a) public lecture about it, to it being a fast-climax frankness I told him to watch it to himself for the time being until we were ready. It was so exciting. wherefore, in come Curley and the others and Curleys ready for a fight. Slim was yelling at him of sleeping with his wife. Anyways, dopey old Lennies still sitting there smiling away to himself about the vista of his rabbits, and Curley notices and retrieves hes mocking him and of eat picks a fight. He starts punching poor Lennie, and Lennie having listened real hard to what I told him was not flake digest After a while, I told Lennie to fight dressing. I couldnt drive home it. He was however yelping like a dog. Anyways, he got scared and just held on tightly to the closest thing at hand, Curleys fist.He just wouldnt let g o. It was bleeding and everything. We got him off in the end and blackmailed Curley to say he got it caught in a machine. I dont like this place. It smells of trouble. I can tell. George Crooks diary nigh Diary, Here I am. yet other day of either being ignore or picked on coz of me being a Negro. I hate this. Day in day out. Its not fair the way Im ignored. The others say I smell but I wash more than they all do. My back hurts too. Its seems like its getting worse every day. The lini handst dont seem to be much use either. They call me Crooks too.That aint my name. Its not what my mother gave me and I dont like it. I cant say nothing though, Im just a nigger they keep on tellin me. I gots a board to myself and I have no one to talk to or play cards with. Im not even allowed to imbibe their cards to play solitaire. It smells in my room. altogether the shit is kept just under my window and on those hot days, the steam clean rises into my room and rests on my sheets ready to choke me as I go to sleep. I got another tellin off today too. Curleys hand got hurt in a machine and the boss o course blames me. analogouss I did itNot that I wouldnt mind ruffin him a little. Hes a nasty asshole and need to be brought down a bit. Id get hung if I did it so I spose I better leave to the white men They all kaput(p) to the town today. Their secureness Cathouse visit. Id neer be allowed in one of those, at to the lowest degree I dont reckon I would. They never asked me to go with em so I never went. Just in me room, on me lonesome, grinding me back.. .. Lennie and Candy jus been in here I was a bit absurd at first coz I thought Lennie was coming for trouble but no, he said the others had gone and he had jus been with his pup.Him and his pup Oh boy. He loves it so much but hes not careful. Those humongous hands o his are in all likelihood to break that pup one day if he aint careful. Anyways, I said he could come in and we got to talking a little. Hes a bit slow. He dont remember anything you tell him. Just talks bout George and his rabbits hes gonna get when they get a house. Hes all set on getting a house. He wants to break away rabbits Whenever the subject changed to something other than those rabbits, he went dandy back to em like wed been talking bout em all the timeHes awestruck fond o that George one. I just said one tiny little thing bout George not coming back from town and he went mad. Like I jus told him someone had died or something. It took a while to calm him down. Then, Candy comes in too. Hes by my room and I ask him what he wants. I thought he may o been wanting to talk too but he was just spirit for Lennie. He came in too, though. They talked to each other most but it was nice them just being there. Well, they were talking bout their house. Candy was gonna go there too. I thought that Id ask if I could help.They wouldnt have to pay me o course, just put me up, but before they could final result that bitch walked in. Shes trouble if ever I did see it. She asking bout Curley and where hes at but she knows where I dont actualise these white folk. Talk about them being so educated and well in condition(p) and they ask such stupid questions Anyways, I asked her to go away real courteously mind, the same way any of the boys round here say it when they know shes expression for trouble. She does her nut and starts yelling bout needing people to talk to tooThen she starts telling me shes gonna tell the boss I been doing bad things and get me draw up. I dont want to be strung up so I shut up. Candy was nice though. He told her that if she did that he would stick up for me. I aint ever known anyone to stick up for me before. Candy then said, when shed gone, that the boys were coming back. I told em they better go. I didnt want all of those white fellas thinking they can bother me when they like. I gotta have some rights even if I dont like em. I dunno. Its been a funny day thats all. I better get back to my liniment.That back o mine is just murder. Georges conk out diary Dear diary, This has been the thrash day Ive ever had and I dont think Im a ever gonna have a worser one. I had to do it. It werent nothing unworthy. I dint wanna hurt him. He was my only friend, more like family and I feel jus awful. If you coulda seen her, what he did. If only you coulda seen the other option he woulda had. Curleys evil way. I suppose I woulda make the same in his place but Lennie dint do no harm. At least he never meant none. I feel awful, just awful. He never meant no harm. They may o been nice? No, thats stupid talk.Thas the kinda thing Lennie woulda said Hes a crazy bastard. I mean he was. Oh I feel awful. What will I do now? What can I do? I spose the only thing to do is to swing my money the way anyone else would, if they dint have a Lennie with em. We were just having a game o horseshoe. Lennie was in the barn with that damn pup I reckon. Id left-hand(a) him in the bunkhouse b ut he finish up there. Anyways, we were all playing and I had no thought to what he was doing. The bordering thing I knew, Candy was looking all pale and calling me over to the barn. For a second I thought she was just resting.It was the look on Candys show that made me guess. I knew what he was thinking and I knew he was right. She was lying there, that good for nothing piece of jailbait, her neck all twisted and face down in the straw. Lennie did it. Crazy bastard. I knew he was the only one, but to think of it was killing me from the inside. I aint never felt that before. I suppose in the back of my mind, I always knew he would go too far, that he wasnt safe and should not o been left alone. But I dint wanna think like that. Now I had to. From that heartbeat I knew what I had to do and just set about doing it.I knew that I had to get to him before them. I told Candy to make out I never saw this and tell the others and then gravel me. I had to go to the bunkhouse and get Carl sons Luger. I wasnt completely sure why first but I realised when I saw him. Candy said hed do that and I ran out. Next time I saw her ever one was there too blaming Lennie for ever thing. Curley was shook up and was ready to explode. He scared me looking like that but I had to keep my cool. I had to make it like I was on their side, out to kill for murder. That book of account sends shivers down me and I know I done it too now.Lennie always said we were the same. All of them ran to get guns to help out Curley. Two-faced thats what they are. One minute theyre complaining about him and the following they are trying to be his best friend betraying their true friend. Oh I cant blame em sincerely if it werent Lennie I reckon I woulda done it too. Anyway Carlson never found his gun. They all thought Lennie had it. Only I knew that Lennie wasnt so clever to think forward like that Slim knew what I was doing though. He knew well enough. His face said he knew and was ready to do what he knew was best.I sent Curley in the other direction to where I knew Lennie was. He woulda gone to the brush like I told him too. He always tried to do what I told him. I ran off and found him straight. He was sitting there by the river and was talking to something. He kept saying sorry Saying he knew I would look after him. He made me tell him about our house for what was to be the last time. I mentioned it, and, he heard it. I told him not to look at me. I was trying to be a small-arm but I couldnt concord my eyes. I was shaking too. I dont want to write his last bites.I dont want to have this later and be reminded of the moment my life as I knew it ended. I want to remember Lennie as the Lennie I knew. Not the one I saw moments later. That Lennie will go from me. If I still believed in God (a part of me that was there but now has gone) I would ask to ask Lennie to forgive me but I know that he cannot be in my life because he let this happen. If Lennie was ever here and I could talk to him once more, Id tell him that I didnt mean what I said about not wanting him there. That now he isnt, I feel lost. And last, that he was my friend my best friend and I wish he was still here.

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