Friday, July 26, 2019

The Man with Head of Blue Hortensias Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Man with Head of Blue Hortensias - Essay Example The paper "The Man with Head of Blue Hortensias" will be the formal analysis of the two famous paintings. Gazing at the painting and then taking notes on what is observed can be the best strategy to achieve this. The Man with Head of Blue Hortensias is a painting done by Salvador Dali, a prominent Spanish surrealist artist. He had a range of art work that included photography, statuettes, cooperation with other artists, and paintings. Salvador was recognized for his extraordinary art work. Many accredit his artistic skills to the inspiration he got from the masters of rebirth. This paper will look at the painting depth, iconography, and color. In the Painting Depth, The Man with Head of Blue Hortensias, Salvador Dali tries to create depth in a number of ways. First, the male stature is perceived to be seating on a small rock near other large ones with his head bent or seating in a vertical position, depending on the position one is viewing the painting. The use of slightly bright col ors makes the rocks and the male stature appear close. In addition, there are dark clouds in the sky. The use of darker colors helps to make some rocks and the clouds appear to be far away. There seems to be a pathway separating the towering rocks on the left and where the male shape is seated. It appears close due to the slightly brighter color used. The rocks that have been painted in blue appear further away than those painted in brown. This goes a long way in depicting depth in the painting.

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